Cosmic Ordering Wealth

First off, if you’re unfamiliar with Cosmic Ordering, you may want to check out Michele Knight’s brilliant article here: Cosmic Ordering Made Easy.

Cosmic Ordering for wealth and financial abundance is only made difficult by the limitations we place on the order.

What do I mean by that?

Many of us who are Cosmic Ordering wealth are attaching stipulations to it like: What kinds of work must we perform to get our money, who do we have to know for money to flow, or how do we have to act to get our wealth moving.

None of these things are required to have our cosmic order of wealth successfully fulfilled.

How the money is going to come to you is the job of the Universe, not yours. I realize this seems counteractive to logic. We’re conditioned to attach monetary gain through our work, but that’s not how the Universe sees it.

The Universe identifies money as just another vibration, another energetic string plucked upon the cello that is our cosmic environment.

So rather than associate an action or a job to our Cosmic Ordering of wealth, we would be better served if we did as the Universe does and align ourselves with the feeling (vibration) of money.

How? Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask the Universe for more wealth.
  • Know the Universe loves you, has heard your request, and wealth is inherently yours.
  • Begin to experience the feeling of money in a positive light.
  • Do what it takes to feel good about money from all angles.
  • Know that wealth is good, and your birthright.
  • Get excited and love the idea of plenty of money at your access.

All of these suggestions help to bring your energy into a vibration that matches money.

Matching that vibration is what the Universe does too. So, when your energy and intent matches the Universe – there is no end to the wealth that will flow to you.

You and the Universe are an unstoppable team; when you unite in common goals (common vibration) – there are no limitations to what you can achieve.

If we simply cannot separate ourselves from the idea of having a job in order to gain wealth, then we can incorporate this line of thinking into our staunch belief system in our Cosmic Ordering process:

  • Our job is to focus on the glorious feeling of wealth.
  • Our job is to maintain positive attention on the topic of money.
  • Our job is to feel good about money, and know wealth indwells us.

I hope this article on Cosmic Ordering wealth has helped you with your processes. If you need a backgrounder on what Cosmic Ordering is, click here as Michele Knight has simplified the process to perfection.

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