The keys to the Law of Attraction – Give something back!

The keys to the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works on principles that have been known and understood by a few people since the dawn of consciousness. Films like The Secret brought some of these principles to the attention of millions of people around the world who tried them and found they didn’t work.  But that’s because only half of the story was being told, or key principles were being left out.

When the film The Secret first came out, many people criticised it as being far too focused on what you could attract in to your life and encouraging greed rather than revealing the true nature of abundance. Abundance is something that we all co create, so when it comes to working with the Law of Attraction, it’s just as important to delve deep and consider what you can give back.  Without this, it just can’t work.

Get in the flow of giving and receiving

Giving and receiving is part of the natural exchange of energies in the universe. The universe loves someone who takes part. That means being right in the middle of the flow where the give and take happens. If you’re out of that flow, you can’t receive.

What can you give?  You might be in a position where you can give money, and that’s a wonderful thing to do. But if you can’t do that, there’s still loads of ways that you can take part in the flow of abundance. You can give your time, a kind word, a smile.  You can take part in one of the hundreds of volunteer schemes that exist right in your own neighbourhood or across the world.  Even something as seemingly small as picking up a piece of litter you find in your path is a way of contributing to your world.

Give what you want to receive!

It’s also really effective to mirror what you want to draw to you with what you give.  If you want more fun in your life, don’t wait for it to arrive.  Be fun and create fun out of whatever it is you are doing.  If you want to attract kindness, you can be kind.  If you want love, be loving.

As Ghandi said we have to be the change we want to see in the world.  Look at this another way and you can realise that when you do this, you’re using sympathetic magic; transforming your inner self by vibrating with what you want.  This changes everything around you and alters what flows in your direction.

Give from the heart

What you give is important but the way you give it is even more so. Grudge gifts don’t count. Doing someone a favour through gritted teeth isn’t half as powerful as truly giving from the heart.  You know that instinctively as you can tell the difference between the energies that lie behind what anyone does for you.

It might mean that you have to do a bit of honest soul searching.  It’s hard to give when you’re running on empty. Giving doesn’t mean becoming a doormat or exhausting yourself. Giving is a powerful thing to do and comes from a powerful place.  So if you aren’t in a place where you can give from the heart, give to yourself first. A closed hand can’t receive and a closed heart can’t give. Nurture and love yourself so that you have enough to start the abundance flowing.

So start co creating abundance in your life today by taking care of yourself and giving whatever you can with love.

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