Keys To Cosmic Ordering: What You Want Is On Its way

Keys to Cosmic Ordering: Know that what you want is on its way!

What you do just after you’ve put your Cosmic Order out to the universe or set your intention using the Law of Attraction is just as important as getting clear about what it is you really want.

Do you trust that whatever you’ve asked for is winging its way towards you – or do you start to doubt and tell yourself that it couldn’t possibly work, and especially not for you?

How do you play the waiting game?

Trust is key.  I like to compare it to ordering a book on Amazon. If you ordered a book, you wouldn’t keep going back every five minutes to check whether it was on its way and you wouldn’t wait by your post box until it reached you.  You’d think about its arrival with excitement but otherwise get on with your life. That’s exactly what you need to do whilst you are waiting for your Cosmic Order to arrive or for you to attract your heart’s desire.

One of my favourite sayings is, ‘what is for you cannot pass you by’.  When you hear that, you might think or say that you agree with it, but how you behave is the real clue to your response to that statement.

If you knew with total and complete certainty that what is for you cannot pass you by, you’d never spend a moment doubting or fretting that you weren’t going to receive whatever is yours.

The universe has your best interests at heart!

It would also end the agony we can put ourselves through when it looks like we aren’t getting what we want. We can put out a Cosmic Order for love with one specific person in mind and feel bewildered or heartbroken if we see them going off with someone else. But if we knew with one hundred per cent certainty that love was on its way and could see the bigger picture, we could see the workings of the universe bringing someone even more mind-blowing towards us.

Emotions such as doubt, anxiety and fear are only human, but commit to doing a doubt-detox for the next week.  If you catch yourself feeling like that, bless the feelings and let them go.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by being optimistic and trusting that the universe is on your side and everything is always working in your favour.  Know that you are loved and everything is working just as it should.

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