Law of Attraction Postbox: Troubleshooting Cosmic Ordering

Why isn’t my order coming in?

Have you been practicing the Law of attraction for some time? Asked the Universe for your order, been waiting for that lottery win? Can’t understand why your soul mate hasn’t showed up in the Porche?

Here are 3 reasons why the law of attraction may not be delivering your dreams and how to beat them.

Over-ordering, blocking the system

You haven’t let go of the order Why? – you’ve created a fabulous wish list. Written it down, chanted it under the stars but have you posted it in the cosmic post box? For a successful order or to attract what you desire it is essential that you let it go and know that it is done. If you were ordering something from Amazon, you would post your order and then you would know it was coming and go about your normal business.

If you rang Amazon every five minutes to check the order or kept reordering the same product 500 times or indeed placed the order but did not trust the company so refused to give your credit card details you would be causing mass confusion.

Order it, relax, and know it is on the way

You order a £500k house, a Rolls Royce and a toy boy. So how come your order hasn’t come in? For you to attract what you desire a fundamental prerequisite is that you believe it is possible. I have seen the most incredible and unlikely things be ordered and arrive but it seems that this happens to those that truly believe that they deserve it. If you do not believe that you are worthy of a big house or indeed can’t imagine yourself in it, it won’t arrive. So know you are worth it, not in a cocky arrogant way but in a serene knowing.

So start by ordering what you feel  is the right next step for you, order what you feel comfortable with. This is the law of attraction, you need to know, even if not consciously, what can you attract with your energy? If you can’t comfortably  visualize yourself living your order it is unlikely to happen. See yourself in the life you want in a comfortable relaxed way.

If you can visualize it, you can attract it

“I ordered Brad Pitt, how come he didn’t show? I ordered my ex-lover to return but he’s still with the other woman”

The key to attracting what you want is to have faith that there is a bigger plan and that you will attract what is right for you. Ordering a specific person is interfering with another’s fate and a big cosmic no-no. If you focus all your energy on trying to bend someone’s will to your own, even for the sincerest of reasons it can only backfire, that is somebody else’s journey.

We all have the right to make choices and be the magician of our lives. Just imagine that your dodgy next door neighbour started to do love spells to capture your love and wanted to cosmic order you in his life, how would you feel? When we love ,it is easy to think we are asking for something for the right reasons, because we’ Know that this is our soulmate’ and that our love can only do good. If it is your soul mate or you are meant to be with someone it will happen, the most powerful thing you can do is let it go and ask for the highest good.

Cosmic Ordering is for yourself and about yourself, not somebody else.Trying to force someone’s energy can actually block the flow and create bad karma.

“I attract the love that is for my higher good”

In a nutshell: Know your worth. Create what you believe is for you and don’t try to bend other people’s will or interfere with somebody else’s life journey. You needn’t bother to order things you cannot imagine happening , trust that not only does the law or attraction work, but that it is working now and in your favour.

PS: On a note even though the law of attraction works by manifesting in your life your unconscious and conscious thoughts and it is not a moral judge.
In my view, it is essential to give back. When you give joyfully and freely and spread love and kindness it changes your vibration and will mirror these things back. While filling your cosmic shopping trolley spare a thought for the world as a whole and give what you can to others as ultimately we are all one.

Written by Michele Knight

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