De-clutter and Let Abundance Flow!

declutter to create

You’re practicing your Cosmic Ordering and Quantum Creating techniques you’ve been reading about here on MK. You’re committed to your soul path growth. So, why aren’t prosperity and abundance beating down your door? Could the answer be as simple as weeding out that over-stuffed closet?

You’re wanting to manifest a new relationship, new friends, new lifestyle. As well as committing to your creative and visualisation process to bring these things into your life, you need to make sure you have made room in your life for them to enter. Take a look around your home. Are you saying you would love to have somebody in your life but there’s not even room for them to hang up a jacket in your wardrobe? Is your home filled with objects that evoke painful memories from the past or do you have a drawer filled with photos or letters from past lovers? Are you reluctant to throw anything away even if it doesn’t work or you’ve not used it for years, yet you wonder why you keep on attracting ‘broken’ people or relationships that don’t work out?

If we want to move into the future with all its possibilities, we have to let go of the things from our past that no longer serve us. Now I’m not for one minute suggesting anyone get rid of items that they treasure or which evoke happy memories. But you have to make room for prosperity to enter your life.

When we continue to hold on to ‘stuff’ in the form of physical objects or even emotional ‘baggage’ we no longer need, it tells the universe we are coming from a ‘needy’ place. Neediness is the opposite of abundance because its key message is: I don’t have enough. This blocks the universal flow of prosperity into our lives.

Perhaps you hang onto things because they make you feel secure. True security comes from within and by letting go of things we no longer need we allow the universe to send us something better. You cannot fill a cup that is already full. Also, the cup may not be filled with champagne but cheap plonk! Empty your cup and see what flows.

If you no longer use something allow it to go to someone who will. Sell it on eBay or take it to your local charity shop. If it’s your closet you need to de-clutter consider getting together with your girlfriends and having a ‘swish’ where you all swap clothes you no longer need.

Above all, make space. You’ll soon see the space you create fill with people, experiences and new things that are now in alignment with who you are becoming – not who you were in the past. After all – the universe hates a vacuum!


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