Six practices to create your future

Other than Quantum creating many ancient and modern practices say that you can create the future that you want.  Here is a very quick look at six of the best, but there is so much that could be said about each that this can only be a very quick introduction to ideas that can take a lot of understanding and getting used to.  If you go on to read the more in depth articles you’ll find on this site or elsewhere on the different practices, you’ll see key ideas and themes echoed across many of them in different forms.  It’s less important that you stick to a wooden following of any one system, and more important that you grasp what they are all trying to tell you – that you have the power within you to transform and live the life of your own creation. It is this power within you that makes each system work – and not the systems that give you the power!

Cosmic Ordering works on the principle that the universe is on your side and the practice of ‘ask, believe and receive’.  All you need to do is get really clear on what you want, place your cosmic order to the universe and trust that it is on its way – whilst showing genuine gratitude and giving something back!  I’ve been successfully Cosmic Ordering for years, so if you want to learn about it in more detail, read my articles and watch my video tips – or order my Cosmic Ordering DVD from the shop!

The Law of Attraction is based on the understanding that, at a quantum level, everything in the universe from the past, present and even the future is connected.  The energies that we give off vibrate at different frequencies that attract other like energies.  Once we understand this, we can use it to our advantage.  So, for example, if you’re single and you want to draw in the right relationship for you, you have to vibrate at the level you would if that person was already with you and at a similar or the same frequency as them. It also means that if lots of things keep showing up in your life that you don’t want, you need to work to change your vibration so it matches what you want to attract.

Huna Magic is said to have begun in Polynesia but put down strong roots in Hawaii where its influence can be seen throughout the native culture.  Huna is said to include medicine, magical and martial art practices underpinned by a series of ideas about the nature of reality.  These ideas begin with the notion that we all carry a spark of the divine, that the world is only as we see it and the limits that we place are ours alone.  It encourages you to put more energy and focus into what you want in life to nourish it into growth, rather than focusing on what you don’t want.

Toltec wisdom.  The Toltecs were an ancient race that came from South America around the time of the Aztecs.  Described as ‘Warriors of the Spirit’ and ‘Masters of Awareness’, Toltec principles were first made famous in the books of Carlos Castaneda and later by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The basic belief of the system is that we are co-creators of our life and our goal is to become conscious co-creators, rather than helpless and passive recipients of what happens to us.  Most practices are designed to first raise awareness, or wake us up to who we are and the power we have, and secondly to begin to play with reality to become more masterful within it.

Meditation.  From Transcendental Meditation to sitting Zazen, or with an empty mind, there are various different types and schools of meditation that all take different routes to the same destination.  They are all based on the idea that our conscious mind can be cluttered by habitual, unhelpful thoughts.  Meditation involves disciplined mental focus either on guided journeys or nothingness that allow us to literally change the measurable frequencies at which our brains work to generate waves that allow us to be more calm and creative.  Spiritual schools such as Buddhism say that meditation is the road to enlightenment and can connect us with the spiritual energy that links all things.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Devised by a number of people from a variety of backgrounds, NLP in short is a system that models excellence.  As a result, it shamelessly borrows from anything that works, including all native magical systems, cognitive psychology, cybernetics and communication styles of therapists known for helping chronic clients change.  It is based on the fundamental principle that we can never know the true nature of reality, so instead of trying to find out what it is, we should focus more on what is possible when we extend the full range of our thinking and behaviour.  To an NLPer, most problems arise when we get stuck in rigid ways of doing or viewing things and that a move towards greater flexibility allows us to find and work on effecting creative solutions.

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