The Keys to Cosmic Ordering & Law of Attraction

Cosmic Ordering is Not a New Phenomenon

All religions give us this seed of wisdom – ‘ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.’

Does it matter why it works? Do not let that stop you! What have you got to lose? In all ancient cultures the initiation to become a great Magician involved embracing the understanding that the power of magic lies in the obvious. It is the simple things which create miracles.

The Keys

Knowing you deserve it.

Your cosmic order will only be achieved if you truly feel you deserve it. The old adage that if you do not love yourself how can anyone else love you is correct.  Love yourself and believe you deserve it and the universal conveyor belt should put your order into the express delivery shoot.

Believing it is Possible

A key point to remember is that we will only receive ‘what we believe is possible’ if you do not believe your order is possible, it has less chance of happening. To believe you will sprout wings and fly is of course not going to happen as your inner consciousness will not believe it is possible. Some people could never believe they will win the lottery, yet do it ever week without fail.  Somewhere within them there is a block and therefore it will never become reality.

My belief is that if you believe you deserve it and, crucially, believe it is possible, then it can happen. However, it is important to listen to your inner guide. There is no point ordering things you do not believe can happen as, by focusing on your orders not happening, you are in effect cancelling out your order!

So start by ordering things you do believe can happen and, when you get the hang of it, aim higher.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction – like attracts like. If you can change your frequency you can change your life. Why is it that we repeat patterns and draw the same kind of friends or lovers? Some people believe that we give out a vibration that magnetically attracts others on a similar vibration.

Our vibration is neutral – it does not know what is good or bad for us so if we believe all men are unfaithful, all jobs lead nowhere or we will always be poor, we can attract those experiences. The media is constantly flooding us with fear and bad news totally out of proportion to reality. How can we make a shift to get our minds to believe in the positive?

As Above, So Below

Consciously practice being non-judgmental and compassionate. Be aware of your inner dialogue. If someone succeeds or triumphs what is your reaction? Embrace the uniqueness in others and view points. Don’t take things personally.

It is essential to be aware of the energy you put out, as it is like a calling signal or beacon attracting the same vibration back. If you get jealous or angry, if you are small minded or judgmental, it is likely that you will call in others who mimic this energy. We often have different rules for ourselves than others.

If you have managed to embrace step one and two and know that you are worth it and believe that it is possible, then step three is deciding‘what is it you want to order?’

The world is your oyster so it is important to discover what it is you truly want as that other old cliché ‘be careful what you ask for’ has never been more relevant!

The Power of Nature

Walking is a great way of becoming clear about your desires. In the stillness of nature, whenever I walk, is when I get my best ideas.

Getting in touch with nature and life’s simple pleasures can make it easy to still your mind long enough to decide what you do want and also to allow your inner guide to come up with solutions to get what you want. Just because you have cosmically ordered do not be passive but seek to be energised into preparing for your great future!

  1. Ordering with the trust and expectation and joy of a child.
  2. Writing down, saying it aloud in nature or ordering it while dancing to music, knowing it will arrive.
  3. Letting it go. Accept it is coming and move on.
  4. Once you place your order, look forward to it with excitement and eagerness and get on with your life!

It is a skill.  Practice and enjoy knowing your ability to cosmically order grows with each success.

Cosmic Ordering: My Story

Cosmic ordering, creating your own reality or whatever you would like to call it, has been around for a millennium! Suddenly it is making itself known in new ways partly thanks to Noel Edmonds and his manifesting ‘Deal or No Deal’. However, on a deeper level, we are in a time some people call Ascension and others call the ‘New Age’, where the universe is speeding up and giving us access to instant enlightenment and our power. We are waking from a deep sleep and an incredible knowledge is being revealed if we tune in and pay attention.

From Houses to Shetland ponies (I had asked the Universe for a Shetland pony, I couldn’t buy one but my partner at the time said we had too many animals, then we went to the local post office where a lady was talking about our horses. She asked if we would like a companion horse as she was looking for a home for her Shetland, and it ended up with us!)  I have had the good fortune to ‘know’ how to cosmic order since I was a kid and wished on dandelions to get a chopper. At the time my mother was extremely poor and working two jobs as a cleaner and care worker to pay the mortgage. I wanted a chopper with all my heart put in my ‘cosmic order’, made my wish and one day I woke up with one at the end of my bed! I am not sure how my mother knew as I had never mentioned it to her! She did not even have money to pay the bills let alone a bike so I knew it was a miracle!

I loved that Chopper with all my heart and called it Red Rum. Some of my happiest memories are centred on that bike. It also gave me something invaluable which was the absolute belief that if you wished for something you would eventually receive it. My mother was a psychic and hereditary ‘witch’ and was always lighting candles and doing ‘spells’ under a six foot picture of Jesus! So it was second nature to me that this stuff worked. This is why I feel I have been so successful at cosmic ordering. You have to KNOW that what you order is coming. I do it so naturally now I don’t give it a second thought, it is instinctive and natural.

You too can cosmic order and manifest what you desire. It may take practice but, mark my words, what you order will eventually come if you KNOW it will. If I told you some of the things I have ordered that arrived within weeks of the order you probably would not believe me! You have this power too! A lot of people get stuck in their inability to trust and believe in their dreams. You have the power – know it. Investigate the mystery of life and the mystery of you to gain awareness of the hidden magic right in front of all of us. Imagine what we could create collectively if only we believed and pulled together!

Having run workshops for years on how to manifest your reality, I thought I would share a few tips with you to help you on your way.

  1. Reach for the stars! Know you are worthy of love and an incredible life.
  2. Trust that unlimited abundance is available to you.
  3. Put your order in and believe that your order will arrive. I always describe it as ordering off Amazon. You don’t doubt they will deliver or keep checking your order status every two minutes!
  4. Start by ordering stuff you truly know you deserve and can come. I only order what I truly believe is likely. I wouldn’t order a white deer for instance because although it sounds fabulous in principle I don’t believe it will come and it will need a ten foot fence!
  5. Don’t chop and change what you want and don’t be too specific. You cant say for instance ‘ I want Ben to fall in love with me’ but you can say ‘ I manifest the perfect love for me right now’

Put your order in today naturally, easily, with faith and trust and let me know your results. Keep it simple and remember ‘Ask and ye shall receive’

© Michele Knight

3 thoughts on “The Keys to Cosmic Ordering & Law of Attraction

  1. I really enjoyed this read. And I’m going to put it into practice and see.
    I know I deserve more than I’ve been getting over the years so …….

  2. I cosmically order that I will discover what I am passionate about and thrive financially at it So that I can become successful

  3. I love this article. I am going to cosmically order everything I wish to see manifest in my life. I do that sometimes but reading this article about cosmic order had enlightened me.

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