The Timing of Cosmic Ordering

Are you wondering how long it takes for your Cosmic Ordering to manifest?

You’re not the only one. For years, the question plagued me, “When will my cosmic order be fulfilled?” Perhaps the same question plagues you.

At the start of my work with Law of Attraction (LOA), I couldn’t bear the idea of having to wait for my desires to manifest. I reasoned, “If I’m so powerful to create my own reality – how come my stuff can’t come to me now!?”

Sound familiar?

Over the years, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about the timing of Cosmic Ordering. I’ve got good news and bad news. Actually, it’s all good news, because your order will come – eventually.

The mechanics of Cosmic Ordering is two-sided: Ethereal and Material.

On the one (ethereal) side, our Cosmic Order is received, heard, and granted by the Universe instantaneously. At the moment of our asking, the Universe answers. Done deal.
“So where’s my stuff?” I hear you saying.
That’s the other (material) side of the coin.
Nature is a grandest teacher about manifestation. Look around you. What events in nature have occurred instantly and spontaneously.

That’s right. Nothing. Nothing in nature moves without a cycle or revolution prefacing the motion. Storms don’t happen suddenly – they’ve been brewing for awhile first.

Furthermore, Earth is a material manifestation whose changes are expressed in millions of evolutional time-cycles.

Does this mean you have to wait millions of years for your Cosmic Order to be fulfilled? Absolutely not. There’s no fun in that, and our lives are designed to be fun.

What this means is this: The divine construction of the Universe demands us to be co-creators of our reality.

Yes, the Universe answers our desires instantly – but these gifts are held in a bit of a stasis in the ethereal plane. It’s our responsibility to meet the Universe half-way. We’ve got to coax, refine, anticipate and relish the impending fulfilment of our desires.

If, just by asking, you were instantly given your dreams on a silver platter…where is your participation in that? What’s more, where is your responsibility in your creation?

Besides, half the fun of receiving our cosmic order is the ability to say “I did this. I am responsible for making this dream come true.”

By making way for the answers to our desires on the material plane, we become true co-creators, we take responsibility, we participate in the design of our life.

How do we make way for our desires in the material realm? There’s tons of tips we can practice to move our dreams more quickly from the ethereal to material.

This article on Cosmic Ordering made Easy is a great start.

You might also be interested in reading Cosmic Ordering Uncluttered for another great tip.

But the best tip is to relax into your role as co-creator. Expect the very best to move into your life experience, and know all your desires and needs are met at all times.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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