Embrace the Power of YOU! Three Steps to Goal-Getting New Year Magic

Embrace the Power of YOU! Three Steps to Goal-Getting New Year Magic

See in the New Year – or any new phase of life, with our Psychic Astrologer Helen’s simple goal-starting magic ritual.

Out with the old and embrace the new! There’s nothing like the New Year to have us in a state of intention and wanting to welcome in positive change. We may have a specific goal we want to achieve in the coming year – or perhaps more than one! Or sometimes we may not be sure what direction to head in or goal to aim but – but our souls are telling us it is time to let go and let the new flow. How do we let the universe know we are ready for goal attainment or opening ourselves up to the power of positive change? Through ritual and magic.

Magic rituals have been used since the dawn of time because they bring the universe to attention, allow us to commit to a new path on a soul level and also set the forces of change and synchronicity in motion to help us. This is Practical Magic and doesn’t have to be complicated. And while a New Year is a time for new beginnings, goals and dreams, this ritual can be done at any time when you feel the need to change your circumstances or commit to a new path.

What do you need? This is the Power of You – so all you need bring is yourself, a pen and paper or your journal,  and possibly your favourite music.  If you want to add anything else – that’s entirely up to you. Feel free to embellish the ritual in any way that feels right for you and expresses how you feel. Dress up in something that makes you feel wonderful, light candles, use crystals to super boost your energy and intentions – it’s entirely up to you. Ready? There’s just three simple steps to setting the power of the universe in motion.

Declaration. Intention. Celebration.

1: Declaration.

Centre yourself. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and focus on what it is you want to bring into your life or change. This can be a goal and it can also be a letting go. For example, if you have suffered a relationship breakdown you may now be ready to put this behind you. The same goes for any challenging period such as unemployment or financial difficulties.

Get this very clear in your mind. Now, as you exhale, declare what it is you want to attract or let go of, out loud to the universe. This can be anything from ‘In this moment I commit myself to attaining such and such’ or ‘I declare I am ready to move on from my relationship with so and so’ or ‘I am now ready to embrace abundance in my life and leave lack and difficulties behind me’. Your higher self will know the right words for your declaration so allow it to guide you.

2. Intention.

How do you demonstrate you are serious and above all, ready? Now write down your intention. Don’t overthink this. Just put pen to paper. Please, please do not type this on a notebook or other device. This needs to be handwritten as there is a connection between this, our brain and our imagination. Feel free to embellish and add details you left out in your declaration. Allow your imagination to take you into all possible futures you are setting in motion now. Immerse yourself in every detail such as how you will feel when you reach your goal or the forces of positive change sweep you along into that future of exciting new possibilities!

3. Celebration:

Now you’re ready! When we complete our ritual it’s time to celebrate and this is what makes this one so effective. It’s that secret spark that ignites the power of synchronicity and change and gets the energy flowing in your direction ready to carry you up and off into your new future. Crank up that favourite track and dance. Hey – nobody’s watching – just universal energy. Party like it’s the New Year. Once you feel the ritual is complete there’s nothing more to do. That’s right. No visualisation. No repeating goals over and over. All you need do is now wait for the universe to answer you with new opportunities, people and a fresh direction to explore.

Remember, you are both the conduit and the creator when it comes to universal magic. So harness the Power of You and create a fresh new future – at New Year or any time you need to begin anew.

Written by our psychic astrologer Helen 

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