Clearing ancestral psychic blocks

I’ve talked before about psychic blocks as being patterns of thoughts and beliefs that can slow down our ability to manifest. It’s also important to remember that many of the thoughts and beliefs that we have aren’t actually our own. Not only do we have to sift and sort those that are truly ours and those that fly around in our society or culture, we can also inherit the imprint of emotional experiences and ideas – or memes –from our ancestors.

Because at the level of consciousness we are all one, and there is no difference between past, present and future, what happened to your ancestors 2,000, 200 or even 20 years ago can feed into the way you experience the world today. Many indigenous cultures pay great honour and attention to ancestry and it’s something that to a certain extent some of us have lost a conscious connection with in today’s world that emphasises the experience and autonomy of the individual.

I truly believe that our purpose here is to evolve the whole, and because we are all connected, that means that when you change, the effect ripples out – not just in your own life, but throughout the lives of all those who have come before you and to create the future that lies ahead for you and all of the generations to come.

Everything that has been passed down to you from your ancestors represents the best of what they knew and were able to give. As we evolve, we can celebrate all of the things that we want to take forward and become aware of all of the things that we’d like to release. No matter who were are, it is inevitable that our ancestors would have gone through times of deprivation, oppression, fear, scarcity and almost everything that you can imagine or that a short gallop through human history reveals.
There is no need to immerse yourself in blame, shame or guilt for anything that has gone before and there is no need for you to relive any of it vicariously in any kind of detail.

What you can do is a guided meditation for celebration and release. This is a very powerful exercise and can take a long time – it’s not unusual for this particular meditation to unfold over a couple of hours, so pick a time when you don’t have to rush off and be somewhere else afterwards and when you can give it all the time it needs.

Set your intention to celebrate everything that helps evolve the whole and release anything that has no place in a fully evolved universe.
Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes if it helps you concentrate and follow your breath in and out until the outside world becomes less important and you can focus your attention inside.

In your mind’s eye, visualise a huge sacred fire being built and lit. This is a sacred fire of cleansing, release and forgiveness a metaphysical rather than a literal fire!
Say to yourself, ‘I have lit this fire to celebrate everything that has been given to me that evolves the whole and to release everything that has no place in a fully evolved universe.’

Thank everyone who has come before you for their gifts and contribution. Ask that you be shown anything in particular that you should celebrate and take forward. You may just get a sense of things, or you may see scenes playing out of courage, kindness and the best of human spirit. You may be quite amazed by what you get to witness. Observe quietly until you get a sense that it is complete.
Then ask that anything that needs to be released go straight to the fire for cleansing and releasing. It’s important that you send it straight there and you don’t have to see or take note of exactly what is going there, only trust that it is going to be released. Ask that any residue in you also be released into the sacred flames and feel your energy lift as it moves out.

Throughout this part of the process, it’s important not to judge, just be glad it is being released and see the fire safely containing and cleansing everything that passes through it.
When you sense that this part is done, visualise the flame transforming into a violet flame of the purest vibration. See the light from this flame spread out and begin to touch all of those who have come before you, allowing them to experience the beauty of its unconditional love and purity. You can also imagine the bounty of this violet light infusing every cell in your body. During this part of the process, you can silently repeat to yourself ‘May all be well’ over and over again.
When you sense that is done, thank all those who came before you for their part in creating the whole. As you are doing this at a collective level, it isn’t necessary to name or thank any individual – especially as what you do on the level of all is experienced by each and every one.
Finally, thank the fire for its work. You’ll get a sense of whether it ‘wants’ to go out, but as this is a meditation you can safely leave it burning and task it to continue to attract everything that needs to be transformed and to release it into pure loving energy that spreads across the universe.

Slowly bring your attention back to the outside world. Get up and move around. You may feel lighter, and it’s good to ground yourself by eating something.
It’s also good to consolidate your experience by writing any thoughts, feelings or impressions in your journal to crystalise any insights or learnings that came from doing the meditation.
You are not your past. Nor are you the past of anyone who has gone before you. And we can all play such a powerful part in the evolution of the whole – something that will become increasingly more important as we approach 2012 – but that’s a whole other article!

Loads of love,


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