Colour your destiny – Draw your treasure map!

I’m sure you’ve seen the huge range of adult colouring books that are flooding the market now. They are being promoted as tool to de-stress ourselves from our busy lives and also to connect us back to our creativity and the kind of fun and joy we experienced as children. Yes, being a ‘grown-up’ can result in us being stressed out and too serious.

If you’ve a yen to pick up your colouring pencils or paints and re-connect to the creative child within again, then what if I told you there was a way to combine all this with setting and achieving your goals? After all, every step you take towards your goals should excite you and ignite your passion. The journey should be the goal as well as the goal itself and every stage should be filed with fun, creativity and an expanding sense of achievement!

Ready to colour in your future? You will need a sketch book or plain unlined paper and colouring pencils or pens in lots of different colours as well as the desire to connect to the child within. What we are going to create is a Colour Vision Board or Map to Your Dreams. Now, remember back to when you used to draw and paint when you were a small child. You just loved the process and the colours, right? You didn’t sit there criticising your artistic abilities – you just immersed yourself in the process. So, before you begin please ditch the art critic. This isn’t about creating an artistic masterpiece but it IS about enjoying yourself and using that emotion to empower you to create your future.

Pick a goal that’s important to you right now. This can be anything from losing weight to meeting that new lover to landing that dream job or owning your own home. Pick a colour and write that goal in the middle of the page. Ensure this is something positive and don’t phrase things in a negative way. Don’t say ‘I need to lose weight’ – instead phrase is as ‘I am living a healthier lifestyle’

Now, think of something you can do to move towards that goal and taking up a new colour draw a branch off to the next point. If we take the above example your next stage might be ‘I am eating so many healthy and delicious foods’. Use colours, draw symbols or objects to illustrate this – anything that springs to mind and makes it personal for you.

Here’s where you get to unleash your creativity and start to have fun! Draw more branches off your central goal for actions you can take – anything from ‘Stop stressing about the small stuff!’ to ‘Go for a walk no matter what the weather is like’ – and again illustrate this. Also, write and illustrate how you are going to feel when you take these steps and make this as colourful as you like.

Don’t judge what you are writing or drawing or you will get in the way of your own process. As you continue to draw more ways of achieving your goal will occur to you so don’t be afraid to go on to another piece of paper if they do and you might want to leave a space to add any other thoughts that come to you later one.

This kind of colouring can be addictive so be warned! You can try this technique for any of your goals, if you feel stuck in an area of your life, if you want to change a habit or your thinking. If you like your results then put up your maps where you can see them every day and they will keep you on track to your dreams or you can just refer to your sketch book whenever you want to. Colour in your life and your goals, de-stress and create the results you’ve always dreamed of!

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