Cosmic Ordering, Psychic Ability & Recession

The film The Secret has been getting a lot of stick from some quarters as, since its release, the world has gone into recession rather than a boom, leaving more than a few people wondering what happened to all their Cosmic Orders or doubting their ability to attract what they want.  So what’s going on?

Firstly the law of attraction is based on the vibration we send out and what we believe we deserve.  Thinking about what we want might stir up feelings of negative self worth and we may inadvertently come to the conclusion at a very deep level beyond our awareness that we are not worth it.   Or we may achieve our dream and then another challenge comes up. Secondly beliefs spread like a virus (memes) if there is a belief that the recession will make it impossible for our dreams to come true or block our progress our vibration can be infected with doubt and fear. The media is day by day getting more negative and spreading more fear from swine flu to poverty. These words can inhabit our belief system and stop us in our tracks. Fear is a block to flow.

However It could also be that the universe is telling us to think deeply about what happiness is.  Is happiness really a Porsche and all materialism we can muster? Probably not.  If we have not sorted out the basic understanding of what makes us happy or buy into what the media tells us we should want, rather than doing some deep soul searching to find the true essence of what would actually make us happy, we may be in for a shock.  The current intense planetary activity which is leading up to a universal spiritual evolution is pushing us, both on and individual and at a collective level, to look beyond the myths of our respective cultures and encouraging us to examine what we believe our very lives to be about and where true happiness lies.

So how do we deal with this?

1.  Be vigilant about your thoughts, feelings and vibration. What do you really feel about yourself?  How can you heal yourself to welcome in more self love?  What is blocking you from feeling worthy?  How do you express your love for yourself and do you believe with all of your being that you deserve happiness?

2. Examine what happiness really is. For instance, some people say they want to win the lottery and I always ask why.  It’s never about the money, but about what people think the money will bring, but listening to what people who have won the lottery have to say undermines the idea that money automatically brings happiness.  Many lottery winners claim that winning actually ruined their lives and genuinely wish it had never happened. Some say that having money stirred up a lot of issues around trust as it made it hard for them to know who actually loved them, and who only wanted to be around their money.  Others say that, no matter how much they spent, it did not bring them happiness. This is not only fascinating but a clue to a deeper truth; it is not money in and of itself that can buy peace of mind.

3. Using your psychic intuition, go with in and look at other ways that happiness and fulfillment can come. Let go of cultures ideas that good looks, money and fame are what brings joy. Cast that from your mind for a moment and allow your deeper desires and values to emege. Be still for a moment and visualise yourself happy and at peace and inspired without those things. Where ever we are in our financial situation, we can find a deeper peace. What is your vibration telling the universe and what would you like the universe to hear?

4 A recent study which mapped peoples happiness concluded that we are only happy in the moment and that we are at our most unhappy when we are daydreaming! Sometimes people confuse law of attraction, which is about appreciating the moment, with day dreaming, which can be about fantasising about how great everything will be when we have everything that we want.  Daydreaming like this can create an energy of longing and of feeling dissatisfied in the moment. Rather than do that, revel in your moment, look to the moment for your joy and find a way to raise your vibration to follow and create your dreams.

5 What you read and watch will effect your vibration. If something is making you feel bad avoid it! Read books that inspire you and stimulate you. Whatever the situation regarding ‘recession’ is focus on taking practical steps to make your dreams come true. Be in the moment and rejoice in your blessings from health to a beautiful day.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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