Could A Sandwich Change Your Life? Part two

Working with the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering is about creating a future that matches your desires.   But because your mind works by processing information that you already know, it takes a huge leap to get beyond that to what you don’t know and can’t imagine because you haven’t had any direct or indirect experience of it yet!  As a result, we can go about the whole co creation bit by falling back on what we are familiar with rather than generating something truly new and amazing!

I hope that also makes sense of why we often find ourselves going in circles around the same problems or situations that seem to pop up over and over again in our lives. As Einstein observed, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

All in all, this means that we have to be really conscious to stretch beyond the limits of our thinking to get to all the good stuff.  But where is it, and how do we get there?

Remember, you are already part of the whole so you are already connected to all-that-is within the entire universe – past, present and future!  Shamans follow those connections to get to the other realities and you can too.

In order to do it, you have to go beyond the mind.  That’s why so many ancient religions and magical practices involve meditation or going into trance like states from where we can get to the door that separates the limits of our ordinary mind to step into that non-ordinary reality. 

The best way to do it is this.  Get yourself into a place where you won’t be interrupted and let yourself daydream.  Some of the greatest creative strokes of genius have arrived when people have been staring into the flames of a log fire in a grate, lying in bed just before going to sleep, or musing as they look out of a window.

What you really want to do is follow a feeling and get curious about where it will take you.  Let’s say you’ve been trying to attract money because you think it will make you feel safe.  The idea of money being the thing that might make you feel safe has probably come from your past experience, in the same way that the memory of a thousand sandwiches that you’ve eaten in the past means that the next time you’re hungry your helpful mind is likely to say, ‘How about a nice sandwich?’.  But if you start with feeling safe and carry that feeling into the cosmic web, you may be drawn towards many other things that vibrate with the energy of safety that lie beyond your ordinary imagination.  Even if nothing clear comes to mind but you just get a sense of possibility, know that you’re onto something big. 

When it’s time to come back to your everyday life, bring your experience of being in that place of infinite possibility back and let that feed into your mind.

See what happens when you work with this process over time.  You may find that it begins to change what you intend to attract as you process new information that comes from this place of infinite possibility.  You may also find that amazing new experiences that were far better than anything you might have consciousness asked for start showing up in your life.

Opening ourselves to new information and experience is the very thing that helps us evolve, and as we evolve we become more powerful creators who can draw on the infinite abundance of the entire universe in the process of creation itself.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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