Valentine Superboost: 3 Steps to Create Your Future Today

Valentine Superboost:

3 Steps to Create Your Future Today

Let’s jump straight in with what I have discovered is one of the most powerful ways you can turbo-charge your Quantum Creating manifestation practices; by bringing your future vision forward and setting you on your path towards your goals right now. Today.

It’s a really simple three step process. It doesn’t require a lot of your time. But what I can promise you sets in motion your creative subconscious to allow it to generate new ways of achieving your dreams and puts you in the path of increased synchronicities which allow you to get to your goals so much faster!

As with all QC, meditation or psychic skill practices, please ensure you won’t be disturbed and your phone is on silent or off.

Quantum Creating Journal

Take out your QC journal. Now, pick a date in the not-too-distant future. I recommend you pick a date that is between 18 months to two years in the future. This can be a random date or it can have special significance for you. It could be your birthday for example. Let’s say you have chosen Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2019. Start to write in your journal with ‘Today is February 14, 2019 and right now I am . . .’

Now, describe this day from the perspective of you having attained a major goal that you want to manifest. This could be your perfect relationship – so you would go on to describe how you and your partner are going to be celebrating the day, where you will go, what surprises you have in store for them, what they will be organising for you. Make this as detailed as you possibly can. Or perhaps you have a different goal.

Include your emotions

Perhaps your goal is to own your own home, set up your own business or have that dream job? If so, do the same thing. Start with ‘Today is February 14, 2019 and I am waking up in my bed in my fabulous new home in . . .’ and go on from there. Leave no detail out. Describe what kind of home you have, where it is, how it is decorated – and the same goes for any other goal you want to achieve.

You could describe your commute to that dream job and what will happen during your day or if your dream involves your own business then how you see your day unfolding, the clients you would talk to, what work you would be doing. Don’t forget to include your emotions and feelings here too – as the emotional connection we feel forms a bridge between where we are now and that future.

Making your goal a reality

Once you have written about your future goal, just as if you are in that future living it, re-read it. Now, while your creative subconscious and emotions are fully engaged with your vision write down three steps – just three, that you can begin to take right now, today, to start making that goal a reality. It does not matter how big or small they are, what matters is you set them in motion.

Once you have tackled your first three, set yourself three more. You will be amazed at what happens just by doing this. All kinds of people, opportunities and signposts will come your way propelling you into your future. What’s more, you may discover it arrives faster than you think. Chances are when you arrive at that date two years in the future, you will be living it exactly as you described it – or it may be even better.

So, pick a date with destiny when your desires will have manifested, and start creating that future in the present – today.

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