How to find your soul path

How to find your soul path

Our psychic Helen gives you 5 tips to discovering your soul path.

Do you look with envy at those who just seem to know what their soul path or purpose is from the beginning? We’ve all met them. From an early age they just seem sure of their calling. They maintain a focussed determination as they go through school and then university to be just that. For most of us however, finding what we are here to do involves a lot of trial and error. Very often we can leave school or even university, with absolutely no idea where our true gifts really lie. Or what we have been sent here to do. We take a job – any job and years later are still stuck doing it and wondering ‘Is that it?’.

It doesn’t matter if you are just entering the workforce for the first time or have been working for a while and trying to figure out where your purpose lies. There are some easy hacks you can do right now that can help guide you towards your purpose and put you on the path to work and soul satisfaction.

1: See what you are doing right now as part of the journey

So, you may not be in your dream job right now – or you have no idea what career path you should be following. But the first step towards it begins right now – with whatever you are doing. See your present circumstances as a step in the right direction no matter what they are. By cultivating a positive mindset – even if you are unemployed, you change your energy and infuse yourself with power.

2: Maintain a learning mindset

Be open minded and enthusiastic even if you don’t like your current job. What are you learning from it? Chances are there are skills no matter how insignificant that will help you get something better. Don’t act like you know it all – be curious and take any opportunity, no matter how small, to build your skill base. People respond to enthusiasm and those who ask questions. At the very least, you will be setting yourself up for a good reference from your present employer or come across as someone eager to learn and be ‘hands on’ if you don’t have a job. Also, when you meet people, ask them about what their jobs entail especially if you have not met anyone doing something similar before. You may discover a new area that really calls to you and even make a valuable contact in the process.

3: Make friends and contacts from all professions and all walks of life

Which follows on from #2. Very often we get stuck in one work/social group. Yes, we have people who know and understand us, but if we are seeking our soul path this can also limit our options. The fact is, as studies by psychologists such as Paul Wiseman have proved, people who get ‘lucky’ breaks are those with many, many connections from diverse professions, ages and walks of life, who send opportunities their way and who introduce them to wider circles. Make an active effort to connect to people, join different groups such as Toastmasters or specialist interest groups as you will make friends from all walks of life. Remember, it’s often not what you know, but who you know that counts.

4: Research all areas you are drawn to

Did you used to dream of being something specific? What would you need to do to still follow that path? What courses would you need to attend? Where are they? How much would they cost? Contact the university, professional association or governing body. Make yourself known. Ask questions. Perhaps the area you are interested in doesn’t require specific qualifications but requires talent and skills. Practice. Find out where people working in this field hang out and if you are too shy to go there on your own, take a more confident friend with you.

Strike up conversations. If it all seems impossible, break down what you need to do to be what you want to be into baby steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. Also, very often we are born with knowing what we are here to do but get discouraged from pursuing it by others. Look at what you used to love to do as a child – chances are this contains the seeds to your soul purpose. Bear in mind that no matter how funky, obscure or off-beat your interests may be, they can usually be turned into a way to earn a living and chances are if you do your research you will discover others doing just that!

5: Grab any opportunity that is a step up

Sometimes our dream career or big break doesn’t look exactly how we thought it would. It’s important to know that the universe has a plan and is guiding you towards it once you set the process in motion. If someone offers you an opportunity that is better than your current situation, but doesn’t look exactly like the job you wanted, take it. It may lead to your dream career or it may turn into it. It’s important to keep an open mind. Also, bear in mind that if someone offers you an opportunity and you turn it down, they will never offer another one.

Remember, in some cases your dream career may not exist yet. Think back 20 years. Many of the careers that exist now didn’t back then. This is why it is important to keep an open mind and see yourself on a soul path discovery journey rather than heading for just one destination. But it’s important to enjoy yourself as much as possible while you do so. You have a purpose. Start the journey towards it with these five simple hacks.


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