Four Easy Steps to Manifest the Love (or Life) You Want

Four Easy Steps to Manifest the Love (or Life) You Want

We’ve often talked about the paradox that lies at the heart of any Quantum Creating/Cosmic Ordering/Law of Attraction process – in order to get what you want you already have to have it – at least on an energetic level. And while we’re going to talk specifically about attracting love here the process is the same no matter what it is we want to attract in our lives. For example, we had a client – let’s call her Carol, who was unemployed for almost two years. Naturally, a job was at the top of Carol’s manifestation list. And here’s what happened.

After two years with not so much as a nibble, Carol goes for four interviews in one week. She gets offered one of the positions very quickly and accepts it. Within three days of doing this however, the three other companies she’d interviewed with all called her back and told her she’d got the job with one of them offering her more money that the first job she’d accepted. So, what happened? Why a job desert and suddenly not one career oasis but four? The thing is, once Carol accepted the first job offer she relaxed because she had a job!

This shifted her energy and in turn, attracted more of the same kind of energy to her.

Taking action

Now, I’m not saying this may not be difficult when we don’t have the thing we want and we perceive lack – of love, of companionship or money in our lives. But the key to any attraction process is taking action. After all, the word ‘attraction’ contains the word ‘action’ – giving us a big clue as to what we need to do!

Here’s my simple action plan to stop vibrating lack out there and start to take action on all levels to attain your goal whether it is attracting that perfect partner, job, money or whatever it is you need.


Don’t blame your current circumstances or focus on them. An example of this would be thinking that you are too fat/thin/old/young/broke/busy to attract the kind of partner you are looking for. Instead, take a look around you. Chances are when you do you will see average people with very attractive partners, people of all ages and descriptions, busy career people, former single parents – all with partners. What’s the difference between them and you? Only their thinking that their circumstances were no barrier to love.


The above example I used of Carol shows you that universal energy is unlimited and abundant. Don’t get hung up on the fact you believe there is only one special person out there for you. The fact is there are many. Once we are in the right mind-set we may find ourselves in a position where we attract more than one potential mate. Don’t shut off the flow and explore all your opportunities.


Don’t whatever you do try to attract someone specific or worse, someone who clearly isn’t interested in you. This is all about letting go and being open. The letting go process is what kick-starts everything as it tells the universe you are coming from a place of self-love – remember, to get what you want you have to already have it. When we are open to engaging with the process in this way we come from that place of love.


Remember your key word: Action. Once you have let go of ideas around lack and opened yourself to trust then keep your actions centered on yourself and anything you feel you need to do in order to properly prepare for your relationship (or whatever else it is you may be wanting to manifest).

Perhaps when you visualise yourself with your future partner you see yourself leading a healthier lifestyle – maybe you have quit smoking, exercise more or have decluttered your home. Perhaps you have a new look. Here’s where you can take action right now. Don’t wait – do it.

By creating that vision of the future – even though it does not include your partner yet – you set the whole process in motion because you start to feel good – about yourself and about your life. Love your life and it loves you right back – and delivers more love turning dreams into manifestation miracles. So relax – what you want is already on its way.

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