How to create Psychic Happiness – Using Psychic Intentions

How to create Psychic Happiness

Want to hitch a ride into your future? Don’t freak out but there’s a theory that time does not exist!  Science tells us that in the quantum field, all time is now.

This means, in theory, that we can psychically project ourselves anywhere we want to go. (If you want to know the science in more detail and delve into quantum physics I’ve put a couple of links at the end of this article).

One of my fascinations with this theory is that this might, in the future, explain and hopefully prove how psychics work, by having the ability to link into this timelessness. But how can we take advantage of this theory now?

psychic happinessOK, no one is suggesting we can hail an Uber into the future anytime soon.

Yet can we use this to transform our lives and bring us into our power today?

Can we play with the concept of timelessness to enhance our life now? Yes!

One of the best ways to give yourself a quick boost to your vibration is to use your psychic skills (yes, we all have them!) to layer up positive feelings from past experiences and project them into the future that you want to create.

Want to create psychic happiness? Here’s how!

So if you want to raise your vibration in the moment, here’s how to do it.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, sit down and close your eyes.

psychic pathImagine your life as a long road – with the past stretching out one way and the future heading off in another.  Where you are standing right now on that road is the present.

Set your psychic intention by asking your mind to draw your attention to all of those times in the past when you felt great – happy, excited, joyful – all those moments when you felt totally on top of the world and that you could do absolutely anything.

Get a sense of where those times are along your life’s road. They might shine out like twinkling stars or just stand out in some other way.

psychic happinessProject yourself back through all of them, soaking up the fabulous feelings and noticing how they change your mood as you go.

When you know you feel great, come back to the present and turn your psychic attention to the future.

Now think about the future

Set your intention for a specific point – maybe an upcoming event where you want to be at your very best, or just at a period away from the present which covers a  general time span during which you’d like to make some positive changes in your life.

Start to move forward to that point, trusting that deep at a cellular level you are processing all the information you’ll need to take you from the present to the future you want to create.

When you get to that point, rest awhile and look back to see how far you’ve come and to also notice anything interesting that you might want to take conscious note of to bring back to the present.

Return to the present and ground yourself firmly by getting up and moving around, holding on to all of those good feelings that you’ve gathered along your way.

You can repeat this experiment by projecting yourself into a happy future. Look around you when you get there and pay attention to the detail. Write a note of what you see and ask your future self for tips on how to get there from now!

Speed it up, slow it down

When you first do this particular process, you might enjoy taking a long time to do it, especially when it comes to reliving past happy moments and experiencing the exciting future that you want to create for yourself.

But as you get better at it, you can choose to do it fast or slow – this is something that you can train yourself to do in a couple of minutes and it’s the kind of thing that you can do anywhere, without any huge ritual around it.

After all, we’re always drifting into the past and the future in our daily imagination, so you might as well use it to your quantum advantage!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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One thought on “How to create Psychic Happiness – Using Psychic Intentions

  1. Hello Micheal,I have often read about this quantum time ,and I have often thought /wandered at this point in my life as to how this could work in relevence,with my husband who passed away this year ,can I go walking in this quantum time and see my husband even though I know he died and I have his ashes beside my bed ,. Bit out there I know ,but I very often think out of the norm . I just wanted your perspective on it ,thank you .

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