How to Invite Love, Money and Creativity into Your Life

How to Invite Love, Money and Creativity into Your Life

Love, money, creativity. In case you don’t already know this, they are all part and parcel of the same kind of energy. And in astrology all are ruled by the planet Venus. Most of us are seeking more of one or all of these wonderful energy experiences. And this is what they are on a Quantum/fundamental level. Archetypal energies of abundance and pleasure embodied by the archetype of the goddess Venus in mythology. And this gives us a big clue on how to begin to work with them on an energetic level; and invite more of this abundance into our lives.

When we start to see them as energies and a reflection of our own energy, and stop seeing them as people, assets and ideas, we start to become an energy conduit for them – thus increasing the amount of love, money and creativity we have available to us.

Our Astrologer Helen shares a fantastic meditation with you

There’s a simple way to invite them in and that begins with a meditation where we dialogue with Venus in one of her forms – as the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Money and Abundance and the Goddess of Inspiration. So, before you start think about what form of fabulous Venusian pleasure and abundance you want to experience in your life right now. Are you seeking a relationship where you love and are loved in return? If so, you need to call on Venus in her Aphrodite (love) form. Is money an issue for you or even just an abundant and pleasurable lifestyle on all levels?

Think of this facet of Venus as her in her earthy, sensual form as The Empress in the Tarot. Alternatively, are you seeking inspiration and ideas – for a business or creative project? Then you need to call on her in her creative form.


To prepare for this meditation you might want to set the scene by lighting green candles, bringing in flowers or beautiful objects and even putting on your best clothes, wearing make-up or your favourite perfume or cologne (looking and feeling the part is important especially if you want to bring in more material abundance). As with any meditative practice, ensure your phone is turned off or unplugged and you will not be disturbed.

When you are ready sit or lie down and get comfortable. Remember – you are inviting in the goddess of pleasure and being uncomfortable is not part of the process! Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. As you relax say ‘I now invite the Goddess of Love, Abundance and Creativity to share her wisdom with me in my search for (insert here what it is you are calling on Venus for – love, money or inspiration)’. Wait and allow the Venus energy to coalesce and appear in whatever form is appropriate for you at this time.

Take note of how she looks, what colours she wears as well as how she has manifested to you energetically as this is going to be very important later. You may now ask her what she has to share with you about your personal Venus goal at this time. Don’t be surprised if you receive insights into other areas of your life besides the one you have asked for insight into as all areas of our lives are connected. When you feel you have received your answers, thank her and then open your eyes. While everything is still fresh in your mind, write everything down and here comes the important part.


The reason I asked you to pay careful attention to how she appears, what colours she wears and the energy she is projecting is that you need to assume this ‘aspect’ of Venus in order to manifest your goal. Now, I do realise that if you are most men that if Venus appears in a blue frock wearing a similar one to work may not get you the result you were hoping for.

You can however wear a blue tie in a similar shade and take on the particular ‘vibration’ that she radiated in order to manifest your goal faster. In other words, you are not waiting for what you want to come to you – on an energetic level you are becoming that thing in order to attract it as like attracts like!

Get ready for Venus’s gifts – and to become the Goddess or God of attraction in action.

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