Is science on the way to proving our intentions influence reality?

Is science on the way to proving our intentions influence reality?

One of the major points of debate between the scientific community and spiritual schools of thought is the idea that our thoughts, feelings and intentions influence the world around us.

Again, it’s something that ancient shamans and spiritual texts have suggested; and is the starting point of the Law of Attraction. But even with Quantum Physics telling us that the world that we see consists of constantly interchanging particles, many scientists are demanding a lot more of a different kind of evidence; before they will totally go along with the idea that everything is connected; and therefore, what happens in you reaches out and touches the world around you.


Getting the right evidence is a hard task. If you are in a crowd where fear starts up and suddenly escalates and swoops through the whole crowd, psychologists will talk about it in terms of mass hysteria. Some might put it down to a sudden release of pheromones; that have a chemical reaction on the individuals who suddenly find themselves caught up in terror for absolutely no discernable reason. Even if a quantum physicist was to say, well, hardly surprising as what you see as being a bunch of people is only really a mass of particles that are swapping all the time, other scientists would say no, we need to run different kinds of experiments before we can decide that there is conclusive proof.

But maybe we are one significant step closer to providing that proof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University seems to support the idea that our consciousness influences the world around us. He is working on recording and showing how this is done using bioelectrophotography.

The idea is that we are constantly streaming out energy in a way that looks like light around the body and that some call the aura. Bioelectrophotography is believed to be able to record that energy.


If you click through and read the article, you’ll see that Korotkov doesn’t like the word ‘aura’. For him, the idea that we emit energy that affects the world around us is pure science and there’s nothing spiritual about it. Although it does have metaphysical implications. For him, it delivers the really important message that our intentions and emotions influence our environment. He is quoted as saying:

“In one case energy goes up. In another case it goes down. So if we are developing in our self the ability to create love, to create positive emotion – we change the space around ourself.”

Korotkov also talks about the fact that our thoughts influence others. If we feel love, hate or compassion it can literally infect the other person and influence each of us. This is why it is important to send love and positive emotions because we are all one! If we send negative energy this impacts our own energy and could have far reaching impact for our own body and spirit.

I would suggest that until science gets the proof it wants, maybe you have nothing to lose by acting as if it’s true. Find out for yourself if it makes a difference in your world. Whether you come from a place of love, fear, anger or compassion.

Loads of love,

Michele x


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