Change Your Life in Five Weeks! Week One – Kicking the Habit

Change Your Life in Five Weeks! Week One – Kicking the Habit

When we feel stuck suddenly change doesn’t become a scary word any more. It becomes something we yearn for. Very often however, whether we want to change one area of our lives or take a totally different path, we sit around and wait for ‘something’ to happen to shake us free – forgetting the fact that if it’s positive change we want – we need to become agents of it!

Bringing about lasting change requires commitment and also breaking down what changes we need to make in order to create the transformation. Surprisingly enough, major changes can be kick-started by us by taking five simple steps towards shifting the energy in our lives. These steps may not in themselves appear to have any relevance to the area of our lives we want to change, but as with everything, we are working with energy and when we begin to change the energy in one area, others quickly reflect this.

Ringing it the changes doesn’t mean you have to change everything at once and sometimes it’s best to take it in stages, which is why I’ve come up with a simple five week process that requires you to just concentrate on one key area a week but taken together, the five stages can add up to a radical and very positive shift. So, if you are ready and willing to welcome in change, let’s begin.

Week One: Kicking the Habit

What habits are keeping you stuck? Doing things the way we have always done them is one of the major obstacles to allowing change into our lives. First, make a list of every habit you’d like to change or which you feel is keeping you stuck. This can be anything from watching too much TV, not taking enough exercise to always frequenting the same places.

Then make a counter-list of all the things that you’d love to do – if someone waved a magic wand and told you that you couldn’t fail. However, you don’t do them because you fear you’d not be any good at them, you’d fail, people would laugh at you or fail to understand why you’re pursuing them, or else you’ll end up with nothing. Now, look at your list and in the week ahead choose three things from all of it that you will change.

This could be trying a new coffee shop on the way to work, or taking that first step towards pursuing that activity or vowing to eat/drink/watch TV less and do something else instead. You don’t have to tackle every single item on this list – just three and then just make small adjustments.

That’s it. The thing is, when we step out of our habit zone we start to think differently. Spend week one adjusting your habits – even in a small way and get ready for another mind-changing exercise in week two!

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