Law of attraction and your passion!

The Law of Attraction and Passion

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like and that the stronger your vibration, the more pull you exert on what you want to draw in. Learning to work with Law of Attraction is all about tuning into and turning up the volume of the vibration of whatever it is you want to attract, setting up a powerful, compelling force or a field of irresistibility throughout the universe.

So if you’re working with the Law of Attraction, you really want to tune into some strong feelings that are going to power tune your vibration. Hence the importance of passion!
What is passion? Passion is what drives you towards something no matter what. Look at what you absolutely have to do and I’ll tell you what you’re passionate about.

Passion can be tied to creativity. Yet so often we can tie the idea of creativity and expression to some sort of recognition. We can’t think of singing without stardom or painting without a gallery exhibition. In many indigenous cultures across the world, all of this wonderful creative expression is considered the rightful activity of every single person within the community group and it is all done to enhance and enrich daily life. The idea that we would split off our passions and pursue them only if we got a kind of career reward would make no sense in a group where everyone sings, everyone dances and everyone is an artist.

Passion can also be tied to our values. Whether you put yourself on call 24/7 to rescue hedgehogs or simply spend a week a year as a forestry volunteer, these moments give us an extraordinary feeling of connecting to the life force and a huge sense of purpose.
Passion can also be tied to our hobbies. The quiet person sitting next to you on the bus might just be a world authority on birdsongs, or you could find yourself casually chatting at a party with someone who has devoted their life to studying the language and customs of Ancient Egypt. But when you ask them about what they love, watch them light up.
Passion is irresistible. We are totally drawn to it, and the universe is no different.

Anthropologist Joseph Campbell suggested that we should follow our bliss. I say pursue your passion. Find the thing that compels you to engage no matter what and you will evoke a vibration that stirs the entire cosmos. You don’t have to give up your day job. Whatever it is, it is down to you. But at the point where you pursue your passion, wholeheartedly and completely, the universe shouts yes.

Loads of love,
Michele x

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.” Federico Fellini

“Rest in reason; move in passion” Khalil Gibran

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