Law of Attraction – Are you being true to yourself?

If you are working with the Law of Attraction and puzzling over why you aren’t drawing in what you think you want, this is a brilliant exercise that can reveal what might be causing the delay!

Just for illustration, let’s do this around your ideal job.  So first, take out any list you might have drawn up that describes what that might be or take the time now to write one.  Stretch your imagination and desire to its limits and create a list that is as detailed as it can possibly be.

Maybe your ideal job has loads of variety and brings opportunities to develop new skills.  Maybe it’s important to you to work as part of a great team, or you might want the chance to get to the top and be the boss, or perhaps you want to work totally under your own steam without having to run any decisions you want to make past seven layers of committees first.  Maybe you want the chance to travel or work with people who are outstanding in their field.  It might be important to you to be inspired.  Don’t put any limits around anything that you write.

Now, go down that list and look at every single quality you’ve put on paper. If you’ve put down that you want to be inspired where you work, do you have the energy to be a continual inspiration to those around you?  If you want to work with others who are outstanding in their field, are you truly driven to be outstanding in whatever it is that you do?  If you want to be the boss, how would you really feel in those moments when everyone is looking to you to sort out a crisis?

A friend of mine rose to being a director of an award winning Public Relations agency.  She had a chauffeur, an unlimited expense account for entertaining clients and journalists, a whole team of staff who reported to her and was on line to be given a major shareholding in the company when she resigned.  Everyone around her thought that she was mad, but she said, ‘I’ve taken someone else’s perfect job and it’s time to give it back.’  She was glad and grateful for the experience and totally at peace with her decision, saying, “I never need to wonder if I’m missing out by not being in that world.”

The Law of Attraction promises you a world of contrast and the chance to experience anything that you want.  It also says that you must be a vibrational match for you to attract and hold whatever it is that you desire.  What my friend had discovered, through the experience of contrast, was that the position she’d got to wasn’t a vibrational match for her, nor she for it.

“I guess I had to find out from the inside, but I wasn’t being true to myself when I took the job.”  My friend explained.  “I was curious about the glamour and I wanted to know what it was like to be in with all the movers and shakers, but it just wasn’t me. I was respected and well thought of and I worked with some brilliant people on a few amazing things, but I felt totally disconnected inside to what I was doing.”

Staying deeply connected with who you are will draw in what you want so much faster.  The quantum field is an arena of ultimate truth that reveals any gap between what we think we want and the frequency at which we really vibrate.  If you are experiencing any delay in drawing in what you want, it may be that the quantum field ‘knows’ something about you that you are yet to discover – that what you think you want is not what will bring you the greatest joy. You can also apply this to love and a love interest.

That doesn’t take away your ability to discover through contrast – as my friend did – and any experience you have may serve to reveal a deeper truth about who you are.

So what does this mean in a nutshell?  If you break the qualities of what you want to attract down to the tiniest detail, it will reveal the degree to which you are a true vibrational match with whatever it is.  That puts you back into the point of power where you can either change yourself to put yourself in greater alignment with what you want, or refine what it is you want to more closely match your true self.

Loads of love and good vibes,

Michele x

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