THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ORACLE With our psychic reader David


With our psychic reader David

Hi there, I’m David – one of Michele Knight’s team of psychic readers.

I’ve been giving readings for many years now, and I have seen first-hand that positive thinking can change what you are attracting to yourself. You have probably read about the Law of Attraction, manifesting and magick. In the Oracle below, I will help you to change your energy and attract more of what you want.

Simply focus on what you would like to create in your life – for example, a fulfilling relationship, a thriving career, a holiday in the sun. In other words, make a wish! And then take a look at the four pictures below. Without over-thinking, pick the one you feel intuitively drawn to. When you have chosen, scroll below for the corresponding message!

If you have chosen this picture, then it’s time to THINK BIG. It’s time to create a sense of magic, potential and possibility in your life. Do you feel excited by the prospect that you create your own reality? How often do you feel a sense of awe and wonder? Maybe you’ve gotten into a rut or have been stuck in an uninspiring pattern. Take time to shake off any stale energy. Go and find some WOW moments. This does not have to cost any money. You could go in nature and enjoy the scenery. You could visit a free art gallery and marvel at the wonderful creations.

What if?

This picture is about ‘What if? So, what if you could start that business? And what if you could relocate to another city? What if you could attract the resources to go travelling for a year?

Spend some time daydreaming about these things, thinking about them, writing about them, drawing, cutting pictures out of magazines. Write about it in the present tense, as if it’s already here. Make it easy, fun and light.  Don’t let your inner critic interrupt these visions with ‘but that’s not possible’ or ‘that’s going to be really difficult’ or ‘other people seem to attract this but I don’t’.

This stage is not about planning or strategy. Think of it like a warm-up before you exercise. You are getting the energies moving. Sometimes this is easier if you don’t choose topics with great meaning or magnitude. If your current thinking is: ‘I really want this very specific outcome and I will be heartbroken if I don’t get it soon’ – then choose another subject with less tension underneath it.


This daydreaming and brainstorming helps you to dig deeper into what you really want. What you really want is not just what you think you can get. What you really want is not always what others want or understand. When you really let yourself think big and go for your desires, it helps you to reflect on how worthy you feel of these things. Do you feel deserving of this good stuff? Focussing on your desires is a wonderful prompt for your self-care.

The more you realise that you live in a limitless Universe, the more you realise that you are not bound by your current circumstances. And you are not your thoughts – you are not bound by your current limited thinking. Anything is possible.


If you have chosen this picture, then it’s time to be playful. Now is not the time to set serious intentions or to over-think how you can get what you want. It’s time to get out of your own way so that you can allow your wishes to manifest. Play is a key part of the manifesting process. If you keep repeating your intentions, there is often a fear underneath – the fear of not having something. Repetitive work and struggle is often seen as noble in our culture.

Stress is sometimes worn like a badge of honour. But hustle and grind is often fear-based. Some people manifest exhaustion as a way of inviting attention and approval from others. (‘Look how hard she is working!’) Quite often there is a worthiness issue going on, because you think you need to work to the point of exhaustion to be worthy of abundance and love. You might also think that more hours of work creates more money. If that were true, then billionaires would have more hours in the day than the rest of us!


What if you could attract what you want without burning yourself out? What if you could attract what you want by turning your attention OFF the subject a while? In order to manifest what you want, you only need to intend it, generate the positive emotions of what you want and then allow some room for the Universe to do its thing. By taking time for rest and play, you are leaving room for the Universe to orchestrate the best possible outcome for you – which could be even better than what you could imagine for yourself.

So whether you are trying to attract something in your love life, in your career or in your home life….put the subject down for a while. Go and have some fun. Watch a comedy show. Visit the gym. Create a piece of art. Spend time with people who uplift you and don’t take themselves too seriously.


If you picked this image then it’s time to move into action. Your actions will give life to your wishes, dreams and intentions. Taking action allows thought to become things, for Spirit to become Matter.

But here’s the thing….your actions don’t have to be perfect. The message here is to move beyond perfectionism and procrastination. Be intuitive and spontaneous. Just do one thing each day that relates to your bigger goals and dreams. You are allowed to change your mind. You are allowed to make ‘mistakes’. Your wishes have a much greater chance of manifesting if you do something, anything – to give them life.

Self expression

Sometimes this is connected to self-expression – what you say and do in the world and how comfortable you feel with that. Whenever we say or do something, our first thoughts might be about how it is perceived by others. Of course it’s good to consider how our actions affect others. But your manifesting journey is about what feels right to YOU. This is not selfishness, you are simply recognising that only YOU are the creator of your own reality. From this place, you can speak and live your truth. You can make choices according to what feels intuitively right for you – and not how it might be perceived by other people.

Every time you act in this way, it’s a leap of faith. You are trusting in the flow of life, and knowing that your needs will get met one way or another. And you are ‘getting over yourself’, becoming less self-conscious, less self-critical. You dance with life and you do your thing. Choices become easier because you know that things will work themselves out either way. Life becomes more thrilling, because you are no longer on the sidelines. You are no longer dwelling the past or fearing the future. You are right here in the present.

This kind of action is not about masterplans and detailed strategies. So, it’s not about control. It’s not about needing to know every single step for the next 12 months. It’s about showing up authentically, and meeting the Universe halfway in manifesting what you want. Remember that whatever outcome you want in life, you will definitely want to feel like the truest version of YOU when you get there!

Limiting beliefs

If you chose this picture, then you might have been wrestling with some limiting beliefs. You may have been feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and what you want to manifest may seem all the way ‘over there’.

It’s time to check in with what you believe about the world – about relationships, money, work, life purpose, gender, sexuality. Look at ‘hot’ thoughts and emotions that pop up unexpectedly in the moment. These thoughts are the blossom and they have deep roots. They are helping you because they reveal what you believe about the world. Some of these beliefs might have been adopted by you a long time ago.

An easy way to discover your beliefs is to keep a self-talk journal or notebook. If possible write some quick notes in it throughout the day. Write down the monologue in your mind. Things that you believe to be annoying or upsetting or unfair. It’s actually easier sometimes to work with the negative emotion, get it all out onto the paper. When you see the scripts that you keep running through your mind every day, you quickly understand why you sometimes feel exhausted by the end of the day. Or why you are struggling to manifest what you want.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction responds to whatever your strongest focus is – the deeply held emotions and beliefs. However, don’t be scared of your own emotions or fret about what you are attracting – as you will just create more resistance for yourself. Allow yourself to have those negative emotions. Be soft and forgiving with yourself. Just observe the emotions, write it in your notebook, detach a bit and simply observe where your beliefs are.

The aim is not to eliminate every challenging thought. And you don’t have to eliminate all challenging thoughts in order to attract what you want. But if you can turn down the volume on these thoughts, you can leave more room for the positive. As your manifestations begin to appear, they begin first as thoughts and feelings and then into physical reality.

The key to manifesting beautiful outcomes in the future is gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, and your existing circumstances. One way to soften your vibe and to gently change mindset is to look around you and notice things that you enjoy or appreciate. Write a gratitude list each morning. Things that you are grateful for NOW. Or things that ARE working in your life NOW.

Shifting your vibe

This is not about being a spiritual goody two-shoes. It’s about shifting your vibe to become a magnet for even more abundance, by noticing the abundance that exists in your life right now. With a little practice, it becomes easier to observe the positivity all around you, as you’re going about your day. It can be small things – the weather, the trees outside your window, having a good night’s sleep. Enjoying the food you are eating.

When we start to practice manifesting, limiting thoughts often come up to show us what we need to release. So by all means think big, but look at how you can create more appreciation in your day-to-day life. This is the fuel that will power your manifesting work.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Socrates: ‘He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.

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Lots of love,

David 2269

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