Quantum Creating and the Science of the Brain

Shockingly, until recently, scientists thought that the brain continued to develop up until early adulthood, when it would reach a point of physical maturation and stop, making further development impossible.

Our moods and even our personality are controlled by patterns formed in the brain, which are in turn formed by repetitive behaviour, beliefs and learning. The question of whether our brains can change becomes crucial as, if development stops, then it means we can change up to a certain point where change becomes impossible and we get stuck with who we are – for better or for worse!

One fascinating theory on the block that challenges that idea is the notion of neuroplasticity.  The development of sophisticated measuring equipment revealed that, rather than reaching a finite point of physical maturation, the brain is actually enormously responsive and continues to develop throughout our lives.  Thinking, learning, and acting can change the brain’s physical structure!

Rather than leaving us stuck, this means that at any point we can literally reprogram our brain and in turn change who we are and our life experience. We are not set in stone but have the ability to shift unwanted behaviour, emotions and even key parts of our personality if we want to. So we have no excuses! By changing our thoughts and actions, we can change our minds, moods, personality and create your reality.

So how can we go about changing our brains to change our minds?  Here are three tips to transform.

1 Meditate, meditate, meditate – research has suggested that meditating has an effect on changing our neural pathways. Not only that, but recent studies have also indicated that it can lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety. It helps give you focus and can re-empower you!

2. Change your routine. When we get stuck in a rut it reinforces our feeling and forms neural pathways which hard wire that belief. Make sure you do at least one different thing each day to open new pathways to a new you! Go on a bike ride, open up your creativity, walk your dogs in a different direction. If you always have dinner at 7pm, do something totally different and life affirming at 7pm. It sounds crazy but this has incredible power. Be open to adventure.

3. Change your thoughts. If you habitually think things such as ‘I’m stupid, I’m unlovable’, then change those thought to something else. Hardwire your brain and spirit to know you are loveable. Even if you don’t mean it at first, repetition and relearning will help it stick. Examine your beliefs if you think ‘love can’t be trusted’ etc you are making that a concrete reality for your brain, you are also sending that vibration out into the universe. Challenging your thinking and choosing to think new thoughts can create a new reality.

I’m fascinated by science and spirituality. I feel that right now we are in a time where science can help us enhance our spiritual journey and visa versa.  Think of your brain as your computer. You can programme it how you like and watch the very world around you change with you.

Much love,

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