The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction tells us that attracts like.  When you master its principles, you can attract anything you want into your life.  Alongside Cosmic Ordering, I’ve tapped into it for literally decades with stunning results.   

How does it work?

Nearly all forms of ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings suggest that everything that shows up in our life is a mirror of our inner world.  More recently, advances in science and in particular quantum physics has lent a different kind of language to help us understand the science behind the magic!    All you need to know is that everything in the cosmos vibrates with its own particular energy frequency and everything is connected in the quantum soup.  That means that everything you want is already here and that you are already connected to it. To attract what you want, you just have to set your intention and match your vibration to whatever it is you want to draw in, be it a loving relationship, more abundance or anything else. 

Because it’s based on this principle of vibration, it’s important to realise that the Law of Attraction is always working – it’s not something you switch on and off like a light.  So when we talk about working with it, what we mean is getting clear about what you want and then work on matching your vibration to the vibration of whatever it is you want to draw in.

It sounds simple, and it can work just like that.  But there are a few refinements that can make all the difference. 

Mastering its principles

The first is to get clear on what you really want.  Remember that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities and don’t tie yourself down to any one thing.  If you want love, for example, think about the feeling that you want to have when you’re in that loving relationship rather than any one particular person.  We can think that we know who will make us happy, but the Universe might have a few far better matches it can then bring forward!

Check that you’re not sending out mixed signals.  Our previous experiences, everyone around us, the wider society and even what has been passed down from our ancestors as feed into our beliefs about the world we live in, what’s possible, who we are and our worth.  For example,  you might want to attract love but feel that you are unlovable, or send push pull signals to the universe along the lines of ‘I want a loving, committed relationship, but the thought terrifies me because I’ve been hurt before so please make sure I don’t get it’.  You might want to attract abundance, but have been raised to believe that life is a struggle and that good things can’t really happen to you.

Contradictions like this muddle up our vibration and send out crazy, push pull signals throughout the cosmic web.  If you find that you aren’t attracting what you want, or keep pulling in experiences you definitely don’t want, you may need to do some deep down soul searching to find those ideas or beliefs that are affecting your vibration and replace them with others that support the life you want to live.

Know you can transform your life

If you’ve read my biography, you’ll know some pretty awful things happen to me during my childhood, but I never let go of the belief that life was an incredible gift and that the most amazing things could happen at any moment.  I absolutely know that this certainty around life’s endless and magical possibilities is what has allowed me to transform my own life to a point where everything that I set my heart on when I was young has showed up! 

If you catch yourself in a negative spiral of thinking, don’t beat yourself up (that’s definitely not good for your vibration!).  Just do something loving for yourself so that you can quickly release it and feel better.

Practical tips

There are various practical things that you can also do.  Vision boards – literally just boards on which you unleash your creativity in arranging words and images that reflect what you’d like to draw in to your life – or affirmations along the lines of ‘My life is rich with abundance’ or ‘I am filled with positivity’ can help you focus your attention as you set your intentions.  That’s a huge hint that actually, the real power is in you.  You are all you really need to tap into the magic of the cosmos. 

Working with the Law of Attraction is also no substitution for your own action.  What you do to make your own dreams come true raises your vibration, puts you in the fastest flow of the river of abundance and hastens your connection to all that is.  It’s not impossible that the love of your life might literally turn up at your door, for example, but it does help to get out there!

More than anything, working with the Law of Attraction should be and feel like fun.  Making it hard work goes against the creation of an attractive vibration.  Be playful, curious and expect miracles.  They’ve happened to me, many people I know and I know they can happen for you.

If you want to find out more, join the Cosmic Ordering Group on my free on line spiritual community – Psychic Knight.

Loads of love,

Michele x

A version of this article first appeared in Soul and Spirit Magazine 

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  1. Can LOA trump astrology? Am at the mercy of the planets. Im a Pisces & have had Uranus in my financial house for yrs, -constant struggles, frustrated & trying everything. And I only just found out this planet was in my financials. How does this work? What are thre solutions?

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