The magic of metaphors

Is your life a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment?  Is an uphill struggle?  Or are you a crystalis turning into a butterfly that is about to spread its wings and fly?  And what about your relationships with other people?  Are there some people in your life who are just a pain in the neck, or are you grateful for those who act as your rock?

Does it really matter how you talk about what’s going on for you?  Loads. I’m always saying that words weave magical spells.  They profoundly influence how we experience whatever is going on for us, creating major shifts in our psychic energy.  New research shows that they also influence what we see as being the best course of action when we want to make changes.

Researchers at Stanford University set out to explore how the metaphors used when talking about crime affected responses to it.

In one experiment, 485 participants were divided into two groups.  Both groups were presented with exactly the same statistic related to crime, but the metaphors used to talk about it differed.  One group saw a passage that talked about the crimes being a virus ‘infecting’ a city, the other saw the same figures, but this time crime was talked about as being a beast that was ‘preying’ on the city.  People taking part in the research were asked to read the paragraph they were given and suggest what could be done to reduce crime.

They found that people given the virus metaphor leaned towards delving into the root causes and tackling the social problems that fuelled it.   Suggestions by those given the beast metaphor talked about fighting back and increasing the number of police officers to catch and cage criminals.

So think about the metaphors that might spring to your mind right now in relation to a situation you want to change. If you’re not getting on with someone and you think about them as being a pain in the neck, what are you likely to want to do as a result?  What happens to your psychic energy if you see them as a soul mate, someone who has come along to help you evolve?  Or how about if you see them as a bundle of psychic energy that either is or isn’t in alignment with your psychic energy?  Notice what psychic shifts happen when you play around with the metaphors you use.

Hopefully you can see that the way you talk about a situation does have a huge influence on your psychic energy and how you decide to handle it.  If you’ve tried tackling something in your life and you aren’t happy with how it’s turned out, maybe it’s time to delve into the way that you are thinking about it and dress it in a different metaphor to see if that throws up the possibility of taking a different approach.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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