The Magical Gifts of Samantha Brick

There has been much furore over the article by journalist Samantha Brick who has claimed her beauty is a burden and at a dinner party 10 out of 10 men there would fancy her. Rather than being outraged, I began to see her as someone who is a powerful master of the Law of Attraction! She has managed to create a life where her beliefs are completely instantly manifest. Samantha receives bottles of champagne from Captains of flights she is on, men stop her in the street to tell her how beautiful she is. In her own words “Another time, as I was walking through London’s Portobello Road market, I was tapped on the shoulder and presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Even bartenders frequently shoo my credit card away when I try to settle my bill, and whenever I’ve asked what I’ve done to deserve such treatment, the donors of these gifts have always said the same thing: my pleasing appearance and pretty smile has made their day.” By expecting these things to happen to her they probably do – this is the beauty of the law of attraction in action.

Yet to most of us Samantha is an average looking woman. Her total belief in her own beauty has drawn towards her those experiences. She is a true Magician and Quantum Creator. The downside to the Samantha Brick story is that she also seems to have manifested another strange reality through the power of her beliefs, and this is that all women are jealous of her. Her belief of this is so strong that this is also what she says she experiences just by walking down the road! Women refuse to greet her and that all women hate her for her looks – or perhaps for the beliefs she expresses. This part of the story appears to have created the internet storm which has fallen upon her. These beliefs which appear so utterly true for Samantha have managed to insult the majority of women. In her reality this may be so but by saying it, she is in effect defining all women’s reality and ironically annoying everyone to the point of Global Madness and manifesting a huge deluge of controversy and in some cases, downright hatred, which she then interprets as jealousy! The power of this story is such that it was trending number two in the World at one point, has now spawned several more ‘My beauty is a burden’ stories and now, most recently, Samantha has sparked another huge media tsunami over her opinions on weight.

We cannot forget that we are all part of the whole. Yes, we are all unique souls and yes, we can create our own reality – but we need to remember we are not creating this reality in a  vacuum! We need to be mindful about what we create and ‘put out there’ and ask ourselves whether it truly does serve us as well as the whole.   This is the main reason why I developed my Quantum creating techniques as they are based on the concept of connectedness as opposed to the Law of Attraction which can be a very selfish way to manifest. We need to help and inspire each other and come to a place of unconditional love to enhance humanity, rather than create a small spoiled world for ourselves where we appear to be King or Queen.


One of my best friends is a 6 foot tall stunning model and every woman I know adores her because she is warm, kind intelligent and has a heart of gold. Her outer looks match her inner looks and women clamber to be her friend. When I was in LA I went out one evening with 5 devastatingly beautiful women, I certainly did not feel threatened or jealous, I felt like the luckiest woman on earth to have such deep souls as friends and had a fabulous time with a pack of powerful, strong, beautiful women. In my experience women care for and appreciate each other and as I believe that reality that is my experience. I am friends with a diverse group of women from all different backgrounds, looks and cultures and I have never experienced jealousy.

The Samantha Brick article is a gift to us all as it shows us that what we believe we create. We are all powerful and our outer experience does mirror what we believe. Sure there is a degree of confirmation bias that we seek out only to see what we believe but on another level life is a big old magical mirror shining right back at us who we are. Samantha Brick has given us many gifts not least of which looking at how we behaved during the storm. Were we rude? Did we become bullies, did we forget kindness? It is easy to attack someone and forget that they too are human and have their frailties but how we behave as a whole in places like Twitter literally shapes our society. Honesty with kindness may have made us all feel a bit better as a million insults make us no better than those we are insulting. In Ancient Greece there were many Greeks myths which told of the God’s and Goddess’s coming down in disguise to see how people would react to them if they did not know who they were. Samantha Brick seems to be a similar parable and how we reacted to her statement said more about us than it did about her.

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