The Master Key System Explained – part one

On this website, I strive to bring you the very best of cutting edge thinking from science and spirituality that means you can begin or refine the exciting journey of powerful creation. In this series, I’m going to talk about The Master Key System.  Written nearly one hundred years ago, this is the book that inspired the film The Secret and legend has it that Bill Gates read this and it inspired him to create Microsoft! The master Key System was ahead of its time and sets out to explain everything that you could possibly need to know about co-creation – and how to do it.

The Master Key System was written in 1912 by a tremendously successful American entrepreneur –Charles F. Haanal.  In his time he was the equivalent of a multi-millionaire by today’s standards.  Surprisingly little is really known about him other than he was said to belong to several Masonic societies and The American Society of Psychical Research.  We don’t know for sure how he came across The Master Key System but he is upheld by many as being the founder of the ‘New Thought’ movement and wrote the book as a study aid to students who  closely followed what he had to teach, reporting amazing effects in their own lives.

Although clearly brilliant, some may find The Master Key System hard to read.  Because it is such an important work, I am going to write a series that moves through the material it contains and hopefully make it easy for anyone to grasp and apply.

Before we get going on the first part, get yourself a journal and start recording your thoughts, impression and feelings about this material as we go along. Charles F. Haanal was insistent that it wasn’t enough for his students just to have the information – they had to work through it and make it part of them.  I really want you to do the same.  So let’s begin!

“You need not acquire this power. You already have it. But you want to understand it, you want to use it, you want to control it, you want to impregnate yourself with it, so that you can go forward and carry the world before you” Charles F Haanal.

Part one of the Master Key System

1. That much gathers more is true on every plane of existence and that loss leads to greater loss is equally true.

2. Mind is creative, and conditions, environment and all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude.

3. The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking

4. This is true because we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.”

5. We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within.

6. There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and life and beauty and although invisible, it’s forces are mighty.

7. The world within is governed by the mind. When we discover this world, we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control; all laws of power and possession are also within our control.

8. The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite wisdom, infinite power, infinite development and expression. If we recognise these potentialities in the world within, they take form in the world without.

To cut to the chase, this opening of The Master Key System tells us that like attracts like, that our thoughts really do create our reality and draw experiences into our field and that we have to step into our power in order to become powerful creators.  If we want to change our experience or what we draw towards us, we need to start by changing our thoughts. Alongside that, we absolutely cannot begin to create our own reality until we really get that we have the power to do that.

Humans get into powerful patterns of behaviour and when we are hurt or scared we can create a belief that life is dangerous or things will always be negative. If we constantly have bad relationships our brain believes that all relationships are going to end badly and this can draw to us the very people who will let us down. Mastering your thoughts so that you challenge limiting beliefs is one of the first steps on this powerful journey. For life to change, that change has to occur within. We have to understand the profound power of our inner life on our outer experience. We also have to understand that we have wisdom and power if we stop and listen and explore, nourish and nurture our inner being and our relationship to our thoughts and inner world.

Perhaps the most important bit is the message that we are powerful creators.  Without this fundamental understanding, it’s so much harder to attract what we want in to our lives.

So in your journal, write how knowing this fundamental principle makes you feel.  Is it something you instinctively suspected all along?  Is it something you’ve heard but can’t quite believe for loads of what seem to be good reasons?   Does it excite you?  Scare you?

As this is the starting point of powerful creation, I’d like to suggest a bit of homework!  Make your affirmation for the week, ‘I am a powerful creator’, and see what happens to your vibration and mood as a result.

And let me know your thoughts!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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