The Master Key System Explained – Part Two

Have you noticed any kinds of themes or patterns that keep repeating in your life?  Do you feel that life is a magical and abundant journey in which whatever you need always seems to show up or literally land in your lap?  Or perhaps you feel that life is a huge uphill struggle and you are dogged by disaster whichever way you turn, no matter what you try.

In the first part of The Master Key System explained, I talked about how this series starts by assuring us that we are all powerful creators.   In this next section, its author, Charles F Hanaal, goes on to say that whatever shows up in our lives is an exact and precise mirror of what’s going on inside us.

Now this is quite a challenging and complicated statement, especially for those who have suffered hardship, violence or illness. I do not take this as literally as Mr Hanaal. I feel that we carry through not only our own vibration but those that we mix with. We have ancestral patterns as well as our own to contend with, not to mention past life patterns and our global connection to others! In essence it is a mistake to think that if something tragic or terrible has happened it is our fault or even our karma.  I do believe, however, that we can use this wisdom to try to help co-create our present and future!

I have seen transformation come from change not only in the way that we think, but in our beliefs.  In the simplest sense, if we believe we are unworthy then we can attract experiences which mirror that we are unworthy. This does not make it our fault.  We may have had many experiences which reinforced that belief.  We do have the power to change any belief, however, and it is through changing our beliefs that that we can effect some outer change. Although this section can feel a bit challenging, I do believe that changing within manifests a change without so give it a go.

This powerful message repeats across many spiritual doctrines that date back hundreds or even thousands of years.  For example, you might have come across its like in the saying, ‘As above, so below’ which was carved on an emerald tablet that Alexander the Great was said to have found in the tomb of Hermes Trismegistus.

For many people on a spiritual path, that little piece of true wisdom sends them on a totally different track when trying to effect change.  Conventional thinking says that if you want your life to be different, you need to take action to change things on the outside.  Spiritual wisdom says, change yourself on the inside and watch everything around you fall into alignment.  Change the way that you feel and the colleague who has been driving you mad suddenly starts behaving in a totally different way towards you.  If you’ve been having a romantic dry spell, a little inner work suddenly means that you notice a huge surge in attention coming your way.  Spiritual wisdom says that there’s nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it!

Here’s what The Master Key System says:

6. There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and life and beauty and, although invisible, its forces are mighty.

7. The world within is governed by mind. When we discover this world we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control.

8. The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognize these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without.

9. Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything. It is the foundation of health and a necessary essential to all greatness, all power, all attainment, all achievement and all success.

10. Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us.

11. Harmony in the world within results in optimism and affluence; affluence within results in affluence without.

12. The world without reflects the circumstances and the conditions of the consciousness within.

13. If we find wisdom in the world within, we shall have the understanding to discern the marvelous possibilities that are latent in this world within, and we shall be given the power to make these possibilities manifest in the world without.

14. As we become conscious of the wisdom in the world within, we mentally take possession of this wisdom, and by taking mental possession we come into actual possession of the power and wisdom necessary to bring into manifestation the essentials necessary for our most complete and harmonious development.

15. The world within is the practical world in which the men and women of power generate courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust and faith, by which they are given the fine intelligence to see the vision and the practical skill to make the vision real.

16. Life is an unfoldment, not accretion. What comes to us in the world without is what we already possess in the world within.

Over the next few days, make a note in your journal of what happens in your day and – more importantly – how you were feeling at the time.  What you will probably notice on a very small scale is how those days where you quite naturally seem to be in a brilliant mood just flow better.  In contrast, those days where you aren’t feeling so great, even spilling a cup of tea can seem to take on the proportion of a major disaster.  Further down the line I will talk about ways that you can totally master your mood, but right now it’s enough for you to begin to notice the link between how you feel and what goes on around you.

Then – and this is the really important bit – make a note of what you’ve done to nurture, encourage and support yourself on a daily basis.  It’s all too easy to wait for things around us to change before we can change the way that we feel.  Many of us put loads of energy into taking care of others and never get round to doing anything nice for ourselves at all.  As you go through each day, build in as many treats as you can.  They don’t have to be major.  Get yourself a special cup to drink your tea or coffee in the morning, buy a small bunch of flowers once a week, take a walk in the fresh air at lunchtime, read a chapter from a book that you enjoy before you go to sleep.  Do more of what brings you pleasure and joy and see how that begins to affect your overall mood.

Until next time,

Loads of love,

Michele x

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