The power of your beliefs

As you may know, I love watching films – and I especially love those that deliver powerful messages.  One of my firm favourites a scene from the old Disney classic, Dumbo.

Dumbo was given a magic feather by the crows, and that was what he believed gave him the power to fly.  Everything was going fine until one day, in mid-flight, he dropped his feather and began hurtling towards the ground.  As they fell faster and faster, his little mouse friend Timmy kept telling him that it wasn’t the feather at all, that he’d made it all up and that Dumbo could really fly all by himself.  And just before they hit the ground, Dumbo spread his ears and flew.

We can all cling to a tool, or an outmoded belief, or something to make ourselves feel safe that is nothing more than our own magic feather.  Shaman have always used magic artefacts to focus their intention, but they have always understood that the real power lies in their intention and not in the object that helps them focus.  What really counts is our belief about what is possible, and whether we can do it, whatever it is.

I think that life is speeding up, and we’re evolving so quickly that actually we should learn to trust more that we really do have the power.  I also believe that’s why cosmic ordering and law of attraction is working so much at the moment, because we are all evolving and speeding up, and actually, every day we’re more powerful.

Every day that there’s more to you, there’s more depth, there’s more ability.  It’s up to us just embrace that and understand that it’s within us, we are all powerful.

There is nothing wrong with having magic feathers, but isn’t it great to know that that power is within you?

Much love,


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