The power of your focus

The power you have as a person is exactly the same power that a shaman has.  The location of your power lies in your focus.  Where you’ve put your focus leads not only to how you feel emotionally, but also it sets your intention about what you want to create in your life and what you want to draw in.

In life, things can go wrong.  It may be that a relationship goes wrong, it may be you’ve got cash problems, it may be that something happens and you go, “Oh my God, I’m devastated, it’s awful”.  When that happens, all of your focus goes on that problem.  It goes on the breakup of the relationship, it goes on the fact  you don’t feel that you’ve got much money.  What this does is actually lead all of your energy in that direction of the problem as you see it and it makes that reality so much bigger.

Whenever you’ve got a problem, say someone’s jealous of you, someone’s projecting their shadow on you, someone’s being unfair at work, little things can actually steal our happiness. Now to stop that theft, all you have to do is change your attention and your awareness, and be aware of all the fabulous miracles in your life, of all the love in your life.

In your life now, even if you have no money, I bet you you’ve got good friends, or people around you that love you. Turn your attention to that, and then it frees your creative mind to come up with a solution to your cash problems. If you’re having problems with someone at work, send them love, don’t give it negative energy because if somebody’s against you or sending you a load of negative energy or gives you hassle, and you respond with anger back, or you’re thinking about it, you’re aggressive about it, it’s stealing your energy and in effect you’re creating them as a psychic vampire.

You are the shaman of your own life, you are the warrior, you are the goddess or god of your own life. You create your destiny, and where you put your focus is incredibly important.

So today, right now, turn your focus to miracle or magic.

A vintage Michele video on the power of intention made 7 years ago

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