Tune In To Your Soul’s Desire

If you’re puzzling over how long a Cosmic Order is taking to arrive or frustrated that you can’t seem to manifest what you want, it may be because you’re sending out mixed signals.  That means one part of you is asking for what you want, but it’s being contradicted for loads of good reasons that lie beyond your conscious understanding by another part of you.

The universe will always deliver what you truly want or vibrate with and there is a way to go on a journey of internal exploration to find out whether you are working in contradiction with what you are putting out.

This is a guided visualisation exercise that will help you gain greater insight into the different levels of your desire.

When you’ve got some time during which you won’t be disturbed, find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably.  Have your journal and a pen to hand for afterwards.

Close your eyes and take all the time you need to relax and allow your attention to fall away from all of your thoughts, cares and concerns about what’s going on in your life right now and set your intention.  Whenever you do a guided visualisation like this, it’s always good to start by setting an overall intention that what you discover on this inner journey is for your higher good, that you will be fully safe and protected by your higher self at every step of the way and that you will only experience that which you are totally ready to integrate into your conscious mind.

When you feel that you are centred and ready, imagine a beautiful red door in front of you.  Red is the colour of the root chakra, the energetic centre in our body through which we connect with the material world around us.  Associated with our sense of material safety, it’s a wonderful portal through which we can explore abundance.

Set your intention to meet everything that you have asked for and know that it lies beyond that door.  Open it and pass through it into an incredible spaced full of everything that you have been asking for or that you want.   There are no limits to what you can find in this space.  Take a good look around and notice anything that might be on your vision board or that you’ve consciously set intentions or sent out Cosmic Orders for.  It can be as big as the house of your dreams and all seemingly small as a jacket you’ve noticed in a shop window that you’d love to own.  As you look around, you’ll also see people that you want to draw into your life – perhaps a new, loving relationship, or places that you’d like to visit or work.  In this space, everything that you want is here and it’s yours. 

Notice how, as you look around knowing that all of your orders or manifestations have arrived makes you feel.  Observe your feelings without judgement.  Do you feel elated?  Special?  Safe?  Loved?  Happy?  Scared?  There are no right or wrongs here – just things for you to notice.  You may notice that the feelings come in waves – doubt is followed by elation which settles into happiness and a feeling of safety.

Stay in that room as long as it takes for your feelings to settle and for you to get a sense that they have all emerged.   Then look beyond everything in that space until you see a beautiful green or pink door.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra, the energy centre of the body through which our emotions flow.  It’s a wonderful portal through which to undertake an honest examination of the feelings that are flowing through our hearts.

Set an intention that you are going to safely be given the chance to see everything that your feelings or current vibration is attracting in a way that is about giving you helpful and supportive insight, and then pass through that door into that space.  In this room, you will see a cinema screen on which  projected images of what your current vibration is allowing you to attract appear.  The less emotionally charged ones appear in full colour and motion.  Anything that might deliver a powerful emotional punch appears in black and white, as a still, or as an image so small that you can barely see it but just get a sense of what’s there.

You may see everything that you saw in the first space, or you may notice that some things are there whilst others don’t appear at all.  You may also notice other things that weren’t in that first space.  If anything appears that puzzles you, pause, freeze what’s on the screen and ask to be shown the associated emotion or belief that is generating that manifestation which will appear as a word or series of sentences on the screen.  For example, you might have a fantastic image of a holiday in France on your vision board, but on this screen see an image of you visiting friends that you haven’t seen for a long time, and the word ‘connection’ appear when you ask for the associated vibration. Or, if you’ve been trying to manifest a fabulous relationship but don’t see any potential partners in that space, you might ask why they aren’t there and see the sentence ‘I don’t want to give up my freedom!’ on the screen.

Again, just observe what appears without any judgement.  The revelations of this space are about allowing you to notice any differences or similarities between what you have been consciously placing orders about or trying to manifest in a way that allows you greater understanding about yourself.

When you feel ready, look around until you see a third door.  Now this is where you need to set an intention around the colour of this door too!  What you’re going to experience beyond this door is what your soul wants for you.  Our crown chakra, located at the top of our head, is the energy centre that connects us to the divine.  It’s associated with the colour white and also violet, but you may even see it as a gorgeous, shimmering faceted crystal that shoots out every single colour of the rainbow.  All you need to do is know that this is the door that connects you to your soul and pass through.

In the space beyond this door, you will see what your soul wants for you. Pass through into this sacred space and look around.  What do you see?  Notice any further differences or similarities between what you encounter here and what you have already experienced in the first and second space.  How does it make you feel to be in this space?  There are so many distractions that can push us away from our connection to our soul that you might want to just spend some time here and experience the bliss that comes from total unity with your divine self.  But when you are ready, allow yourself to absorb the energy of that room and imagine going forward in your life with that sense of integration and see how it plays out in your outer world in terms of what you want and the things that you attract.  This is your chance to experience what it would be like to continue your journey through this incarnation led by your divine self.  

Then, when you are ready, and with all of that new learning in this final and sacred room, look around for that green door again and pass back into that space.  Look around and see if anything is different again as it may change in response to this new you.  And when you’ve fully explored what the similarities and differences may be this time around, look around for that red door and pass through into that space.  Again, look around and notice any similarities or differences since you were in there the first time.

And finally, when you’re ready, look around for one final door – the one you’re going to pass through to leave this meditation and re-enter your everyday life.  Your unconscious will know what this door looks like. 

Pass through that door and allow yourself to slowly tune in to the sounds around wherever you are.  Bring your attention back to the here and now.  Stand and stretch.  Then reach for your journal and write as much as you can about the experience, what you learned about yourself, what you might want to change and what you are currently doing that is in alignment with what you encountered in the room of your soul.

This visualisation should have revealed some powerful insights into where you are totally on track, where any contradictions lie and where you might want to make some changes or do some more work.  Whether we are working with Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction, we become more powerful attractors and creators when we are in total alignment at every level with our desires, and we can discover that we work for and against ourselves in many surprising ways. That journey is part of our evolution itself.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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