What is a Psychic Block?

A few of you have written in recently asking if you have a block as you can’t seem to attract something that you want, such as a relationship, and I thought it would be good to talk in general about the whole question of psychic blocks.

In a nutshell, a block is just something that stands between you and whatever it is you want to draw into your life. As we are all powerful creators, psychic blocks are just a short hand for talking about the beliefs that we can carry, sometimes deep down in our subconscious, that slow down our ability to manifest.

Every time we go through an experience, we generalise it into a set of beliefs that in turn affect the speed at which we can attract what we want, depending on the nature of the belief.  That in turn shapes what kind of experiences we attract, which again feeds into the beliefs we are developing.  Beliefs can start as tiny by roads and end up as roaring great motorways of certainty.

An exceptional psychic reader can work with you to help you identify the beliefs that might be blocking what you want to attract, or this is something that you can do for yourself.

1/Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

2/Sit comfortably and focus your mind by taking three deep breaths in and exhaling slowly.

3/Set your intention by affirming:  ‘I am ready and willing to look at the beliefs that are blocking my ability to attract love/abundance (or whatever it is under question).

4/Notice what happens next.  You might get an image or hear something.  Your subconscious will find a way to bring to your conscious attention whatever you need to know, so pay attention and don’t dismiss what you get. If you get something you don’t understand at first, like an image of a lemon, or just a sensation in your feet, welcome it, thank it and ask what it wants you to know.  All of a sudden, the lemon might remind you of a time when you were on holiday and the person you liked went off with your best friend, or the sensation in your feet might turn into a memory of tripping up when you were trying to dance and being laughed at.

5/Stay open and curious about what kind of beliefs you might have developed as a result – such as you are a total loser in love, or if you’re trying to have fun, it ends up with you being laughed at.

6/Visualise any negative beliefs dissolving and being replaced by others that allow you to draw in what you want.  If you aren’t sure what to put in its place, affirming, ‘I am a powerful creator and I draw all good things to me!’ is a great place to start.

Thank your subconscious for its help and bring your attention back to the here and now.

As we’re always having experiences and generalising them into beliefs that we tuck away in our unconscious, you can do this meditation once a week to make sure that you are keeping your whole self in line with what you want to attract!

lots of love

Michele x

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