What’s Your Calling? Finding Your Soul Path

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For many of us finding our ‘calling’ – the job we truly love, is a big part of not just leading a vibrant and abundant life but also holds the key to discovering who we are and what we are capable of being. Discovering our true path can bring joy and meaning to our lives. Plus there is also the undeniable fact that we spend a huge part of our lives working so we may as well be doing something that we love. But for many people, their ‘calling’ remains elusive. Perhaps they try several career options without success. Others may feel that due to lack of opportunities they are stuck in a dead-end job and with today’s economic challenges many find themselves facing long-term unemployment. So what can you do to find your way onto your soul path? Here’s some soul-searching tips for discovering the calling within you.

First of all – let go of the myth that we only have one ‘calling’. This is right up there with we only have one soul mate! The message here is ‘miss out and you’re destined for unhappiness’. There are very few people out there who have one true calling that they spend decades of their life pursuing – Mother Theresa being a notable exception. We can stress ourselves out searching for this ultimate ‘calling’. Instead embrace the idea that you will receive many soul paths to explore during the course of your life and that you will explore the one that is right for you now. All you are looking for is a spark inside that ignites something in you that says: ‘Yes! This work is mine to do.’

Second, instead of asking the question: ‘What is my soul path?’ instead re-frame it. Say ‘What soul path am I being invited to explore right now?’. Remember, the path doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your work. It could be about volunteering for a charity, starting a creative project or picking up a hobby or pastime you’ve let lapse. What is ‘calling’ to you right now?

Third, follow your energy. When you think about following a particular path does it fill you with passion and excitement? Do you feel more energised doing it? Remember, you don’t have to be out saving the world. This is your unique soul path, not someone else’s. Don’t dismiss something as ‘trivial’ because it’s not rocket science. If you feel your energy levels come up when you’re doing it you’re on the right track. If it drains you however, you’re off-course. To find your calling, always go where the energy flows.

Take some time to write in your journal ‘What soul paths am I being invited to explore right now?’ over the next week or so. Experiment. Do some research into areas that interest you if necessary. Chances are you’re already on the path towards your calling without even having realised it.

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