Who controls your destiny?

Do you believe that you are in control of your own destiny – or do you believe that you can only go so far in life without getting a few lucky breaks or minor miracles making things happen?

Psychologists talk about this division in terms of ‘locus of control’.  If you put the emphasis on you, in terms of what you do being the key to shaping your future, you’re said to have a high internal locus of control.  If you believe that what happens in you is all down to what other people do, or what goes on in your environment, you’re said to have a high external locus of control.

What’s fascinating about this is that this is one area where a wealth of research really shows the link between beliefs, behaviour and success.  It might come as no surprise to discover that those who believe that what happens in life is down to them try harder and succeed more in those areas related to work and academic achievement.

It makes a kind of common sense.  If you believe that what happens is down to you, you’re going to be far more motivated to take charge of your own life and put loads of effort into the goals that you set yourself.  In contrast, if you think that success is all down to luck, chance or being given a leg up along the way, you’re going to wait around for those things to happen.

Alongside that, it becomes easy to see how someone who believes that life is down to them might be less daunted by an obstacle being thrown in their path, and let’s face it, the road to success seldom runs totally smoothly!

No prizes for guessing where I am on this scale – my whole philosophy of life and everything that I provide through all of my sites is based around the idea that we are the mistresses and masters of our own destinies and I don’t think I’ve ever sat and waited for anything to land in my lap in my entire life!

More importantly, getting bogged down in debates about whether life is all down to you or whether it’s all down to the breaks that other people give you, or where you might have more control and where you might have less can just leave you going around in circles.  We don’t have to get all philosophical to look at the proof of the pudding on this one – if you believe it’s down to you, you’ll do more, and if you do more, you’re more likely to achieve more.

Also, this thinking is totally in line with ancient wisdom in areas such as the Law of Attraction that says like attracts like and that we can learn how to harness the power of our own vibration to attract what we want.  That’s another and just as important way of taking charge of what’s happening, rather than waiting to find out what floats downstream towards you!

Why not play around with this for yourself?  Whatever you believe, for the next month, act as if you really are master and mistress of your destiny and that what you do makes all the difference and then see what happens – and, as usual, let me know!
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