21st century psychic – cord cutting and letting go

We are all linked on an energetic and spiritual level.  Mystics and psychics have always said this, and scientists are catching up as they are now talking about how the people we connect with influence everything from what we think to how we feel.

Our connections with others can make us feel inspired and uplifted.  We know that when we are around certain people, we can be more of what’s good about us and do more within our lives.

Occasionally, we find ourselves encountering people or dealing with relationships where we feel drained.    You might be know the spiritual technique of cord cutting – where you visualise the other person, see the energetic cords that run between you and see them being cut and then send them on their way with love.

It’s a powerful process to use that doesn’t have to mean the end of whatever relationship exists between you.  It’s more about reclaiming your own power and restoring the natural balance of energy between you.

But taking the 21st century psychic approach means that we need to weave spiritual practices like cord cutting exercises with other things that magically transform whatever situation we find ourselves in.  Otherwise, we can visualise cords being cut til the cows come home and smudge ourselves ten times a day and find ourselves sucked back to where we were before.

What does that look like?

Avoid the urge to go back.  Particularly if we’re talking about exes.  No sneaky peeks on facebook to see what they are up to.  No midnight sexting or jumping to answer booty calls.  It can be harder to gently ease away from a friendship that’s passed its sell by date, but sometimes that’s what you need to do.

Fill the gap. Everything that we do, including our thoughts and actions, can crystalise into habits that are hard to break.  Detox your habits and replace them with ones that boost your energy.  Science needs to be able to draw lines between two things and show how they are linked.  Magic says, taking that evening course in photography can transform your relationship with the crusty colleague in accounts whose rudeness and negativity saps the life out of you.

Focus forwards.  Whatever you are doing is steering your life somewhere.  Nurture yourself and then put your energy into making your life bigger and better.  Make an active effort to spend time with people who make you feel fantastic for all the right reasons.  Go after your dreams. Who we connect with has an impact on our whole life and what we create.

There is always a bigger picture that often reveals the people who appear to be dragging us down have shown up to help us step into our power or nudge us on the right path.  Recently, someone was astonishingly rude and aggressive towards me.  In that moment, I could have gone backwards into patterns of low self worth that would have tormented me with how bad I am and how I deserved it.  Instead, I sent my energy forwards and literally went somewhere else.  There, I met someone I truly feel I was destined to meet.  I am still astounded by the magical power in the whole experience.

That kind of magical synchronicity can also work for you.


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