21st Century Psychic Skills series – part one

One of the most important messages that I work really hard to get across is that our future is not set in stone and that we are powerful co-creators.

Throughout our lives we might be fated to have certain experiences, or we may encounter others that come our way as a result of our own or ancestral karma.

A good psychic reader can pick up whether something is likely to happen or has a strongly karmic feel.  But even then nobody can tell you exactly how it’s going to play out because you have a much bigger influence on what actually happens than you might think. I believe you can be told how it is going to happen based on your current vibration and then you have the power to change it!

As a result, I truly and passionately believe that it’s far more important that we use any psychic skills, intuitions or even psychic readings to give us insights into our own power to transform the past, present and future.  That way, we can embrace our role as a co-creator of our experience.

This is what I call being a 21st century psychic and 21st century use of psychic skills.

You might see how you could co-create your own future, but I can see a few people folding their arms and saying, hang on, you can’t change the past!

I truly believe that you can.  Along with that, for some of us I think it’s crucial that we do.

If you know anything about my past, you’ll know that it contained lots of things that could still be influencing my present in a way that would mean my life would be very different to the way that it is.  You could say that out of anyone, I could so easily be the least likely to be where I am today.  In one line, I’ve gone from being a lone parent in a council flat to a life of total abundance that I love.

To get there, I had to transform aspects of my own past, powered by elements that really did act as rocket fuel to help me do it – not least the persistent belief that life was absolutely magical and I could do it that I absolutely hung on to even through the darkest hours.

Or here’s another example.  A friend of mine had one of those disastrous relationships that ended horribly.  She was absolutely devastated and it had a huge effect on her life, resulting in her losing absolutely everything.

She had to turn her life around and come back from nothing.  And she did.  But then she was really upset because whenever she had a psychic reading, this relationship came up.

“That was the last straw,”  she said.  “I felt like I was still paying for it in the present.  I felt like it was  still following me around after everything that I’d done to get away from that whole time.”

So she set to studying everything she could about energy and manifestation.  We talked a lot about quantum creating.  She had changed her entire life, and slowly she began to transform her entire outlook and experience.

These days it’s very rare that a psychic can pick up on that particular part of her past.

“It’s gone,” she explains happily.  “That’s why most psychics can’t pick it up.  I’m actually thrilled that they can’t.  It’s real confirmation that I’ve cleared it out or my entire system.”

By transforming the past, we change our present, and it is from our present that we co-create our future.

That’s why I totally believe that if you are using your own divination tools or having a psychic reading, there is a way you can approach it that puts you firmly in your power.

And that’s why I’m launching this 21st Century Psychic Series, where old school meets the new world.  I’m going to explain how you can take all of the psychic skills and tools that have been known about for hundreds of years in some instances but use them in a totally new way.

This new way of using them is much more in alignment with things that we now understand about how the universe itself works.  It’s a totally modern approach, one where we can step into our own power and become the magicians or creators of our lives.  So stay tuned!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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