21st Century Visualisation, Creating Dreams

I was reading in the paper today how Andy Murray withdraws from social media during tournament time. Part of his plan for success is not to be influenced by other people’s negativity. Trolls can really steal our thunder and deplete us and even the people who love us can get scared or negative when we go after our dreams. This made me think about the importance of keeping or dreams and goals clear especially when we are visualising.

While the good old fashioned methods of a vision board or writing out a visualisation list still work for many of us – let’s not forget that technology now offers new ways of putting these things together and also enables us to access them wherever we are. We can upload our list or images onto our phone or tablet and look at them throughout the day and no longer have to rely on that vision board or opening up our journals. We can have a secret Pinterest board and have different ones for each dream we want to create.

I’m not saying that we should ditch the tried and trusted methods of visualisation, but like our journals, loading our lists or goal images online offers us a secret boost to attaining our goals which I’m going to share with you. Your visualisations in the early stages are fragile plants that can easily be stunted or killed if exposed to the wrong elements. The problem of sharing what you want to achieve or allowing others to see what your dreams are, is that so many people out there are only too happy to shoot them down or literally, rain on your parade. They may do this because they are scared, because they are jealous or because they fear that you attaining what you desire will shift the dynamic of your relationship and they may no longer be relevant in your life. They may even want to protect you from disappointment or failure and have the best heartfelt intentions!

All thoughts are energy and in the beginning you need to keep the energy around your dreams and visualisations close and nurture it in order to manifest them. So, all it may take is a few negative comments or a well-meaning person to start questioning your ability to get what you want, and your visualisation energy is diminished. This can easily happen when people come into your home and see things like your vision board or you share your goals with them too early. If you keep your goals to yourself but accessible to only you, then all that energy goes where it needs to go – straight to your goal.

It doesn’t matter whether your visualisation is to find that perfect partner, that dream job, that home or lifestyle – keep it to yourself in a way that inspires you and which you can ‘touch base’ with as many times as you need to. You can always tell people about your visualisations when they have arrived!

Magic is sometimes better off not shared and kept concentrated. So, keep that manifestation magic close to your heart – and don’t waste your vision on those who would tear it down.



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