Are You Unlucky? How To Transform Your Luck.

If you think that you’re unlucky, you probably feel as though lucky people live in a different world.  And you’d be right.

I’ve talked before about Professor Richard Wiseman’s research into what makes someone lucky but one piece of research he did is so revealing that I wanted to talk about it in full here.

When we talk about people being lucky, we usually mean that they get a bigger slice of the good things in life.

Professor Wiseman set out to discover whether some people really are luckier than others, and if so, what made them that way.  He ran one experiment that shows just how powerfully the beliefs we hold influence the luck we have.

He took a group of people and used interviews and questionnaires to divide them into two groups according to whether they saw themselves as being lucky or unlucky.

Then he set them a simple task in which they had to go through a newspaper and count the number of photographs. The unlucky group took two minutes to do it. The lucky group took seconds.

How?  On the second page of the newspaper was a message that said, ‘Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper.’  The lucky group saw it and stopped.  Astoundingly, the unlucky group literally didn’t see it.

The unlucky group had a kind of tunnel vision that made them miss out on important information that was right in front of their eyes.

And the really crucial bit is that it was nothing to do with what was right in front of them.  It was all down to their beliefs.

If you translate this into the wider world, it means that people who believe that they are unlucky literally go along oblivious to all of the chances, opportunities and good things around them, leaving people who see themselves as being lucky to spot and catch them.

If you think life is against you, changing your mind could lead to a dramatic change in your experience.

So how do you do that?   Every day, start writing a luck journal.  In the beginning, you might have to force yourself to focus on the good things that happened, especially if you’re not used to it.  The likelihood is that good things are happening to you all the time but you’ve become an expert in only paying attention to when things don’t go your way.  So if the bus is on time, you don’t think about it.  But if it’s late, not only do you notice but you stack it up on your pile of evidence that everything is against you.

As you keep your journal, you are training your brain to work differently and creating new little neural pathways that become stronger over time until it becomes effortless.  As you change your mind, you will change how you think, feel and act.

Or you could dive straight in to behaving as though you are the lucky and that the world is one big fabulous playground full of treasures and riches for you to discover.   Think about someone you know who seems to have the magic touch, think about how they would approach any situation or person and just do it.  So if you walk into a party, that would probably mean that you smile at everyone and strike up conversations with people who look interesting, rather than keeping your head down and scuttling straight through to the kitchen.

It might feel odd at first, but over time you will stack up enough good experiences for you to change your beliefs without trying.

Quantum physicists tell us that there are a number of parallel universes all existing in one great big multiverse where everything is happening side by side and all at once.  I believe that’s true, both literally and metaphorically.  Two people can walk down the same street at the same time and it’s as though they are in two different universes.  From the other side of the street, you might see them both, but they can be invisible to each other.  Not sure about that?  How often have you almost walked right past someone you know really well who was invisible until they shouted your name or stopped you?

The lucky and the unlucky do live in two different worlds. But just by switching your beliefs, you can leap from one to the other.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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