Be a Hero or Heroine on your journey

Whatever you do in life,  our main purpose here is to evolve and grow.  Evolving our own vibration and being aware we are unique yet an infinite part of the whole we evolve ourselves and in turn each other.  We can think of evolution in terms of it meaning that we somehow become better, nicer, wiser people.  As we evolve, that does happen, but it’s actually a by product that follows quite naturally without our even trying when we embrace the real meaning of spiritual evolution and learn how to access and use the power that we all already have inside us.

The idea that we are here to evolve is an important piece of wisdom that is found across most spiritual traditions and is even embedded within most of our fairy tales and myths that were designed to pass on tribal wisdom long before the written word was widely used.

Anthropologist Joseph Campbell studied myths and stories from different cultures around the world and found that they all tended to follow a set pattern that he referred to as The Hero’s Journey.  In a nutshell, the Hero’s Journey begins with our being called to wake up and get going on the real bit of our lives and ends  with our transformation that comes from dealing with the trials and adventures we meet with along our way that demand we access our inner power in order to overcome them.  Think The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, or the Matrix, or any film plot where the central character is trying to live out an ordinary life when they find themselves plunged unwillingly into the middle of something on which the future of everyone depends.

The Hero’s Journey isn’t just the stuff of myths, stories and film plots, however.  It’s
something that touches every single one of us.

1/ Learn to recognise the call.  It can be something that happens to us personally
when our life is turned upside down – a relationship ends, we lose our job, or something happens that shakes us out of where we thought we were going.  Or the call can come when we see something happening in our world that we feel compelled to do something about, whether it’s doing our bit to respond to global warming or deciding that we’re going to help tackle adult illiteracy.

1/ Be kind to yourself if you find yourself wobbling.  Campbell noted that in mythology the call is followed by a refusal to respond, usually because the hero or heroine doesn’t think that they are up to the task or just wants their lives to return to the way they were before the call came.  But the journey has begun and if we embrace it, we will become more than we ever imagined we could be.

2/ Remember the promise in all legends – that if we embrace our destiny head on,  the entire universe itself will rally to our aid and help will appear in the form of wise mentors and clues left for us to follow and synchronicities that accelerate our progress.  We are not alone and we aren’t doing it alone.

3/ Trust that you do have the power inside you.  You might not believe it, know it or have had any cause to use it up until this moment, but every single one of us is more powerful than we could possibly begin to understand up until the point where we have to really start to focus on how to access and wield it and what to do with it when we can use it.

4/ Know that as you go forward on the journey, your life won’t be the same again.  It will be better.  But that does ask of you that you release the past – the old you, an old way of living, old patterns of behaviour, so that you can grow and transform.

5/ Understand that because we are all connected, when you learn how to access and use the power that is inside you, you transform yourself, and when you change, the world around you changes.

Get hold of the films I’ve mentioned and watch them for inspiration!

Loads of love,

Michele x



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