Quantum Creating and the Chakras – Belonging and Breaking Free

Quantum Creating and the chakras

Belonging and breaking free

As the name suggests, Quantum Creating can happen fast. But you often hear people talk about being blocked and, in particular, chakras being blocked. Chakras are energy centres in the body that are recognised by but called by different names within different spiritual systems across the world; and linked with different areas in our lives.

It’s our beliefs and thought patterns related to different areas of our lives that create the blocks. This can slow down our ability to manifest what we want. So, I thought it would be useful to talk about the kind of blocks that can linger around each chakra that you can clear.

The first Chakra

So let’s start with the first chakra. I’ve talked about this chakra before; just to recap briefly, this is found at the base of the spine and linked to the colour red.  It is associated with our sense of safety and belonging.  As its name suggests, it reflects whether we feel deeply connected with our lives here; and whether we feel supported and grounded. It’s often said that this chakra links us with our tribe. You can think of your tribe as your family and ancestors, but also the people around you in your wider community; the people you work with and even society at large.

We are a tribe species. So belonging to a tribe is very important to us. It can give us a strong sense of identity. But the shadow side of that comes up when we have to sacrifice our individuality in order to belong. That question of balancing belonging with individual freedom or running up against the beliefs of the tribe or society is something each of us has to deal with as part of our soul’s evolution. It is represented by the Hierophant in the Major Arcana.

The Hierophant appearing fairly early on in the 22 cards is a hint this is something fundamental to our soul’s journey. Something that we need to tackle pretty soon on into our incarnation here.

Clearing tribal blocks

But what does all of this have to do with Quantum Creating?  Sometimes we need to look at beliefs or thought patterns – or what are also called memes – held by our tribe. I.e our family, at work or in our society. We must sift and sort out which ones we want to keep going and which we might want to change.  Those ideas can cover everything from what’s possible in general to what’s possible for you to do.

Let’s just say that you want to be a lawyer; but no one in your family has even been to college. You’ve always been pushed towards working in the family trade or business.  You can see how making your dream come true puts you in a position where you are torn between you and your tribe.

When you understand that you’re dealing with a limiting belief, you can come to a point of balance around it. And then far more elegantly handle anything that ripples out through your tribe.

So how do you go about clearing tribal blocks?


Look for the ‘always’, either spoken or unspoken.

When you hear things like:

‘we never show our emotions in this family’


‘but we’ve always done it like this in this company’

or when people seem to trot down the same roads of any kind that have been travelled before without anything actually ever being said at all, you’re running up against a tribal rule.


Know that your tribe have always done their best and will always do their best and that’s what they are trying to do for you when they are trying to keep you close rather than letting you walk your own path.  If you realise that you want to head out in a different direction, handle any negotiations with unconditional love rather than getting distracted by a power struggle.


The more you want to break away from some things, the more you may need to make a show of belonging at other times to let your tribe know you aren’t attempting to ditch them.   This isn’t about lying or being false.  Rituals have held tribes together since the dawn of humanity and they always will, even if the form of the rituals change.

So if that means giving up an evening out with your friends, going home and putting on a party hat at Aunty Margaret’s birthday and letting yourself get stuck next to boring uncle Stan at tea, go and show how much your tribe means to you.  It also means taking your turn to buy a round of cakes at the office as has always been done every Friday even as you might be trying to bring in some radical new ideas to the company.

Remember that we are all one and our job in part is to evolve the whole.  It’s far better to gently move your tribe forward with you than it is to declare your independence outright, which denies the connection that exists between all of us.  Handling yourself with grace, courage and being happy whilst showing compassion for others is a far better way to persuade people to accept new ideas.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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