Bringing the magic of metaphors to life

More inspiring news on the magic that metaphors add to our lives.  Researchers have discovered that bringing metaphors that we use to boost our imagination to life actually inspires creative thought.

A number of universities ran a series of experiments.  Starting with the metaphor of the importance of thinking ‘outside of the box’, participants in one study were asked to complete tasks that taxed their creativity.  Some were literally seated inside a box, whilst others completed the same task outside of a box.  Those that were outside of the box did much better.

Researchers explained the results by saying that some metaphors work their magic by helping us think in a way that we haven’t before.

This is hugely important.  In my article about what a humble sandwich could tell us about how the mind works and why this matters when it comes to manifestation,  I explained that we tend to immediately leap back to what we already know and it takes a huge stretch to get into the true realm of imagination.  This can drag us back to repeating old patterns rather than using our power to tap into the abundance of the universe.

Reading this article, I was really struck by the image of The Hanged Man, one of the Tarot cards in the Major Arcana.  It shows a man happily hanging upside down from a tree.  One of the meanings of this card is the need to take a totally different view of a situation.  Esoteric wisdom has long recognised the powerful link between the mind and the body.  Some shamans use dancing to help them cross over to alternative realities and Daoist Masters can practice Chi Kung or Tai Chi to increase their power.

So how can you make use of this in your life?  If you find yourself ‘stuck’ in a particular thought or way of thinking, get moving.  Shake yourself and go for a walk.  And see what happens if you start bringing metaphors to life.  If you need to take a detached view of something or someone, ‘draw a line’ in chalk on the ground, step over it, imagine that you are looking back at the person or situation and see what emerges.  If you need a bit of courage, literally ‘get some backbone’ by sitting or standing tall and straight and see how your thoughts and feelings shift.  If you feel you are losing your grip, make some bread!  Grab, squeeze and knead the dough.  It might not make brilliant bread, but you’ll probably see whatever was bothering you totally differently afterwards.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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