Broken heart or Job loss? Why me?

This is such an age old question that every single one of us has asked at some point.  Usually when something happens to us or someone we love dearly that leaves us reeling and looking to the heavens for answers.

There really is no one simple and easy answer. And that’s because we very much write our own stories and the stories of everyone around us, so the meaning of any one event only takes shape over time and re-telling.

A job loss can spur someone to follow a dream.  The end of a relationship can inspire someone to make new connections or create a whole new life.  Over time, we take what might seem like a bad thing and turn it into the best thing that ever happened to us.

The idea that one event has the power to define who we are, the quality of our life or the meaning of the universe  denies the eternal nature and magnificence of our souls and the magic and mystery within the divine cosmos.

We can get lost in a maze of trying to decide whether something that has happened is fate, destiny, karma, fair, unfair or any of the big questions that we may never totally understand.

The point is that how we respond to anything in our life is far more important than whatever actually happens along the way.  That’s how we create and write empowering stories that not only transform our experience, but also touch the lives of anyone who hears them.  And that may in turn inspire them to transform the base metal of their own experience into pure gold.

Because we are human, we can be temporarily knocked down by something that happens. We can rant, rail, grieve, throw up our hands and say, what’s the point.  Sometimes we need to do that, but then we move on and make something magnificent out of whatever has been thrown at us.

So if something has happened that has left you reeling, don’t let that be the end of the story.  Make it the beginning of a magnificent tale of the triumph of your very soul.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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