Casting the roles in your life

In the movies that play out in our minds, we are casting directors, sifting and sorting the people into our lives into various roles that fit whatever plot we are currently working on.

Let’s bring this to life by talking about a favourite theme – love, and put it into a Quantum Creating context. You’re single and you’re working on bringing romance into your life.  You meet someone who seems to tick all of your boxes, and within seconds you’ve ran them through all the possible romantic scenarios that could play out in the future.  You’ve had the exciting first date and moved to the second.  You get to the scene where you declare your love for each other.  They meet your friends, who adore them, and your family, who embrace them into the fold.  You set up home, you go on holiday together and run hand in hand, laughing along the beach at sunset.  You can do all of this and get to the wedding before you’ve even caught their full name.  It’s all going brilliantly until you get to know them and there are raging incompatibilities. You’re a Vegan and they love roast beef for breakfast! A huge casting error that only time can tell!

The problem with getting too immersed in the role of casting director in our lives is that it actually narrows down the possibilities that are out there.  Every actor will tell you that if there’s one thing that spells real danger to their careers, it’s getting typecast, when they become so identified with a role or a character that they have played that they can’t break out of it.

The truth is that we are all shimmering aspects of pure potential that gets unleashed when we all hold each other within that awareness.

If you’ve ever found yourself cast in a role that doesn’t reflect your full and amazing reality by someone else, you know what it feels like.  Maybe you’ve been cast in the role of Bad Guy or Tyrant, Victim, Fool or Scapegoat.  Anything that you do gets filtered through that role until, as the old saying goes, you can’t do right for doing wrong.

As soon as you become aware of the urge to typecast that we all have, you can begin to be more powerful within it.  Who might we be overlooking in our lives who could be a fabulous partner to us that we are passing by as we look for someone three inches taller, or who does something different for a living?  What happens when we cast someone in the role of Bad Guy and cut ourselves off from all the good things that they have to offer? We cannot control other people but we can take control of our own role and choose the part we want to play. You have the power to transform old roles and rewrite them!

What can we do when someone is tending to push us into a role that doesn’t reflect who we know ourselves to be?  Or, if we feel that we are playing one role far too well, how do we widen our repertoire to allow us to shift from playing Supermum to include an intoxicating run as Love Goddess, appearing nightly in our own star studded bedrooms.

There are always times when we need to make decisions and distinctions around the people in our lives.  We might need to disentangle ourselves from being involved with a Psychic Vampire, or a Frenemy, so that we can move more towards those who echo our personal vibration.  But there are other times when the roles we have put other people into our find ourselves being pushed towards actually place false limitations around the infinite potential that is there.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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