Change Your Life in Five Weeks! Week Two – Synchronise Your Brain!

Change Your Life in Five Weeks!

Week Two – Synchronise Your Brain!

How did last week’s exercise to free you of habits that are keeping you stuck work out for you? Did you keep a diary of your progress? What habits did you identify? Hopefully the revelations of the past seven days have kick-started the process of changing your life in just five weeks. This week we’re taking a whole different approach designed to align both hemispheres of your brain.

Usually we are right or left brain dominated and when we are faced with problems or decisions it is this hemisphere that dominates when it comes to coming up with solutions. Now, there is no side of the brain is ‘better’ than the other so it doesn’t matter whether you are predominately analytical and logical or creative and intuitive. But just imagine for one moment the inner resources that would open up for you if you were able to access the wisdom of both hemispheres equally? You’d be more creative, make better decisions and have more confidence in those decisions. Doesn’t that sound like something worth developing? So get ready to harness that brain power with this weeks fun but challenging exercise which allows you to do just that!

If you have just jumped straight to this article, please first go and do the exercise for week one before embarking on this one. The program is designed to build on each step over the five weeks so don’t be tempted to skip one. For those of you who have completed week one – get ready for a mind expanding experience for week two!

Week Two: Changing Your Mind

Let’s work those brain hemispheres. How? Why by using your less dominant hand. For the next week I want you to try doing some one handed daily tasks with your less dominant hand every day. Brush your teeth, open doors, pick up your coffee cup, even try writing with that hand. You may find this process is both hilarious and frustrating in turn.

However, as you mindfully choose to exercise this less dominant hand, what happens over the week is that you  trigger the growth of new neural pathways between the left and right sides of your brain. This is neuroplasticity in action. The result of doing this is that you can now access your full potential and you are able to respond to life in new and innovative ways which bring about an entire new set of outcomes which may not otherwise have occurred.

Keep a note in your journal of how you are progressing although whether you choose to use your less dominant hand to do so is up to you! And get ready for the next life (and brain) expanding exercise in week three.




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