5 Steps To Change Your Reality Now!

5 Steps To Change Your Reality Now!

What we think, we create. It’s surprising how many negative thoughts or beliefs can creep into our day. If you find yourself thinking ‘I’ll never make it’, ‘I’m stupid’ or any negative thought stream, use these 5 tips to turn your thinking and your life around! When we change our thoughts then this very moment is perceived differently, our new reality can begin!


Tune in to the affirmations that you are already using.  If you’ve got ‘You never do anything right’ or ‘There’s no point in trying’ running through your mind most of the time, it’s no surprise that saying ‘I am a beautiful and unique soul’ ten times a day isn’t shifting the way that you feel about yourself.


Write down anything that you say to yourself over and over again. Then you can take a more detached look at it.  If you discover that your daily affirmation is  ‘There’s no point in trying’, it might well be a step too far to replace it with ‘Everything I try succeeds’.  But is true that there is no point in trying?  Is that the only truth?  What would you say to your best friend if they said that to you?  Other research that I’ve talked about shows that we are absolutely brilliant at solving other people’s problems. We can put those same skills to use on our own. For example, when we imagine that we are helping out someone else with the same thing.


Replace the negative affirmation with something that you can believe and that inspires you.  I’ve often shared that a few years back, at the end of a relationship, I had loads of thoughts whirling through my head that were pulling me all over the place emotionally.  I felt unlovable and a failure and I could have really plunged into a downer about myself.  But all of a sudden the thought just sprang into my mind, hang on.  There are six billion people on this earth.  Right now someone is sitting somewhere out there wanting to meet someone just like me.  Just the idea of that made my vibration whoosh up and in that moment I sent out my own beacon of intention to guide them towards me.


If you find yourself stuck, know that there is always another way of looking at something, another story you can tell. Stalking our thoughts – watching our self talk, is a shamanic practice of power. Rooting out the affirmations that undermine us and replacing them with words of power that help us soar is a magical practice that can literally transform our lives.


Write a contract with yourself and sign it. Write down your commitment to you, forgiving yourself the past and starting from this moment afresh. Commit to treating yourself like your own best friend and write a list of nurturing things you will do for yourself each week

You can do it! x

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