Take a Journey Into Your Imagination and Change Your World!

Take a Journey Into Your Imagination and Change Your World!

I always believe we have our dreams for a reason. They are messages from our soul which are linked to our higher purpose. All of us can remember day dreaming from our childhood, taking journeys into our imagination where we dreamed of what we would someday be, have or accomplish. Very often however, we are told this is ‘childish’ behaviour and to stop daydreaming!

We can say that some of us rediscover this process as adults – except we call it by a different name – goal setting, cosmic ordering, Quantum Creating – at its heart it is all the same thing and the same process. When we imagine something we are journeying into an archetypal realm- the world of mythology but more important, this is our personal mythology and one we have the power to change or re-write at will!

It doesn’t matter where you are on your QC journey, or if you are just starting out on the manifestation process. Perhaps you no longer know what your soul purpose is or your goals no longer hold any meaning for you but you no longer know what will. This technique will put you back in touch with the powerful world of imagination you were able to access as a child and plug you straight back into your dreams in order to turn them into reality! Ready to take the journey? As usual unplug or turn off your phone and ensure you won’t be disturbed.


Get comfortable and if you want to set the scene light a candle. Concentrate on your breathing. As you begin to relax allow your breathing to slow down and become deeper.


Imagine in your mind a doorway. You can make this as elaborate as possible. See the frame and the details on the closed door. What colour is it? Are there any cravings? A number? What does it feel like when you touch it? How is it opened? Do you have to knock? This is your doorway from this world into the world or your own imagination and your soul story in this lifetime.


Is there a guardian at the entrance? If so, who or what are they? Do they have questions for you? For example, they may ask who you are, why you want to enter or even ask you for a password or for something to pass through. If you encounter a Dweller on the Threshold as I call them, this is where you begin to access your imagination as you will have to come up with your own answers for them! They are part of your subconscious however so be aware you already have the answers or what your Guardian wants.


Once you have interacted with your Guardian should you meet one, or just as you breathe and relax more, you will find the door opens.  Light floods through it. Remember how in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps through the black and white world of her house and out into the colours of Oz? Stand for a moment in the doorway and allow your vision to adjust.


What is on the other side of the doorway? It can be anything from a beach, to a forest glade, the top of a mountain or a magnificent throne room. This is the space where you can create your future. Step into it.


Look around you. A figure will now approach you. Is it male? Female? Old? Young? Is it even human? This is your creative soul or essence come to interact with you. Greet him or her. Now is the time to ask your Creative Soul about your goals and dreams. How to achieve them, what they should be. Take as much time as you need here as chances are your Creative Soul has a lot to tell you and show you. You may catch glimpses of goals you wanted in the past but which seemed impossible. Your Creative Soul is now showing you that these are part of you, and that you can still achieve them. Listen to its advice. It may suggest ways of accomplishing them that had not occurred to you before or even suggest new goals that you have never imagined but seem now to resonate deep within you.


When you are ready, thank your Creative Soul, walk back through the doorway and return to the room. Write down everything you remember as chances are even the things you saw are clues! Write down your goals as if they are a story you will live out in the future knowing that as you do you are creating it/

You have no reconnected to the powerful world of myths and archetypes where all that can be manifested begins. What’s more, you can now return any time you wish.

Your dreams are part of you and reconnecting to this world enables you to not only make them real in your imagination but real in this one as well! Be not just a Quantum Creator but a master storyteller of the wonderful tale of the life you were born to live!

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