Connecting to the Multiverse – How Our Brains ‘Choose’ Our Experiences

Connecting to the Multiverse

How Our Brains ‘Choose’ Our Experiences

Stephen Hawking was elected to the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge University. His inaugural lecture had the ambitious title ‘Is the end in sight for theoretical physics?’. Hawking suggested that science was close to accomplishing the ultimate goal; the unification of all the laws of physics into one consistent framework that would encompass all reality.

Theories such as the holographic universe, unified field and supersymmetry seem to point to this. Research into neuroplasticity and neurophysiology fuse quantum mechanics with cutting-edge medicine. They also appear to be providing breakthroughs in our understanding of consciousness; and how we ‘exist’ within this quantum field.


To quote Dr. Ian Weinberg, a consultant neurosurgeon at the Linksfield Park Clinic, Johannesburg:

“The non-locality dimension of the quantum environment represents a timeless and spaceless milieu in which matter/energy/frequency is in a state of constant flux.

It has been shown that processes of human consciousness may convert and precipitate information from this quantum dimension into our five senses-based reality. This is termed collapsing the wave of possibilities.

In other words, our ‘consciousness’ is connected to the quantum dimension and downloads our information directly from it. Collapsing the quantum wave of all possibilities into the one we experience. We experience this via our brains.

People say we are the creators of our own reality. It might be more accurate to say we are the downloaders of that reality; since all variations of it exist! When we look at our evolution, our understanding and ability to ‘download’ has increased. We’ve now proved that we can create new neural pathways in the brain; thus affecting what we can ‘download’. In other words, changing our experience.

Unified theory

Dr. Darryl Reanney, is an acclaimed molecular biologist. He believes that the key to a unified theory lies not in physics but inside our own brains. That we may have reached the boundaries of what can be understood by us; now simply due to the way our brains are constructed. He says: ‘What lies before us is the final frontier, the mysterious border at which we are prevented from seeing more deeply into the nature of things, not by the construction of the world but by the construction of ourselves.’ In other words – in order to reach a better understanding of our universe we may need to reach a new peak in our evolution.

Dr’s Hameroff and Penrose at the forefront of the study of quantum consciousness have discovered that neurons in the brain form microtubules which comprise a crystal-like lattice structure. They posit that it is these structures that allow the quantum information to interface with the neural circuitry of our brains. As these neural pathways evolve and produce more lattices they may allow us to ‘download’ more – thus increasing our understanding of the universe and altering our experience within in.

Reality and the mind

If time is something we’ve created to stop everything happening at once then our brains also lack the circuitry right now to prevent us from accessing all possible outcomes and every dimension in the multiverse. As Darryl Reanney put it ‘The essence of the human quest is to break free of time, to reconnect to the eternal in all of us, in that space where the past and the future interleave, the reality laboratory of our own minds’.

In the future we may discover that our minds are not only designed to create our own reality – but to access every possible variation of it and consciously choose which one we will experience. Want a different reality? Then expand your mind.

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