3 magical practices to create your destiny

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3 magical practices to create your destiny

It’s very easy to get lost in the daily problems of life. Caught in constant hurdles and the merry go round of routine. When we are stuck it can feel like a perpetual pendulum of doom, especially if we take in all the heartache and disaster on the news and in the media.   

So how do we weave and conjure a new reality for ourselves? How do we transcend the mundane to bring our dreams to fruition?

Here are some positive daily practices to reboot your mojo and get you into the swing of magical living. When we reconnect not only to our own individual power, but to our connection to the whole, we bring space for miracles and magic to happen. Here are 3 easy weekly steps to turn on your psychic super power to create your reality.

Believe that you can create your destiny

Many people when talking about the law of attraction say that ‘thoughts create reality’ but it’s actually a bit deeper than that. We can say thoughts in our mind but if we don’t believe it’s true, we remain blocked. It’s our core ‘beliefs’ that shape our future, not just our thoughts.

So what can you do if a part of you is unconsciously sabotaging your manifesting process? Sometimes it can feel like a treacherous catch 22 situation. To manifest what you desire you have to believe it, but if you feel you haven’t achieved your desires it can be difficult to have a core trust in the process. 

Believing that you can create your destiny is a fundamental step so spend some time questioning and re-framing your belief system.

Do you believe you deserve happiness? And do you believe you deserve abundance? Do you believe you deserve a loving equal relationship? Work on loving yourself and maintaining a positive relationship with you.

Go on a media blackout 

One of the things that takes away our ability to connect fully to our power is the negativity that streams in from the media, news feeds,  aggressive TV programmes and even negative twitter and Facebook threads.

A lot of the stuff we are exposed to on a daily basis can fill us with fear and disempower us. Take time out one day a week to avoid anything that spreads fear and negativity. 

Don’t watch the news and no matter how tempting, detox from ‘Orange is the new black’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and even ‘Game of Thrones’ ‘(insert your favourite show here) etc.

Instead, listen to inspirational podcasts, music and things that uplift you. You’ll be surprised at the impact this will have on your mood and energy levels.

Put the work in 

Taking time to focus on your dreams and goals boosts your power. Life can keep us in what feels like an eternal vortex of activity where it’s easy to roll in a comforting routine, even if it’s not working for us.

Mix up your routine and add some magic. Create a manifesting cocoon. Find some space, time and indulge in focusing on your desires. Create a Pinterest board of dreams, or go old school and cut some pictures out of magazines and have a scrap book of desire. 

Write a manifestation diary and ask for small things (as well as big) and tick them off when you get them. The more you practice the easier it gets. The more you see results, the stronger the results will get.

Most importantly do something concrete towards those dreams. If you want to write a book, write one page a day. Show the Universe you are a willing co-creator of your destiny.

When we make small changes it create a ripple effect which reaches out across the Universe and can bring more than we bargained for. Throw those dreams into the pond of life and open your arms to the ripples of possibility.

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