Creating your life from a place of desire.

I’ve explained how we can leap over the limits of our experience to create the future rather than recreate the past, and wanted to extend this idea further to talk about co-creating from our true power, which is linked to an existing sense of abundance and gratitude.

Think about the last time you got really hungry. I mean the kind of hunger where your stomach is audibly growling. You know the kind of food that is good for you to eat, the kind that nurtures and nourishes your body but at the point where your tummy is rumbling like a thunderstorm you can leap on the first thing that you see in the fridge or that you can find when you’re out and about. That’s when you go for what’s easy and right there in the moment rather than taking the time to prepare or seek out something wholesome for yourself. At such times, when we’ve let it go beyond balance, we can eat far too much of the wrong kind of thing far too quickly.
It’s just like that when we working with Quantum Creating. If we let ourselves get to the point where we feel ‘starving’, the vibration or intentions we send out will tend to come from that place of scarcity thinking, or with the energy of ‘I don’t care what’s good for me, I just want to fill this gap right now!’

Because we’re human we can all get a bit desperate sometimes. Desperation occurs when we fall into only seeing what we think is lacking in our life, rather than appreciating all of the good things that are there and thinking, wouldn’t it be great to add to that.

We can have periods when it seems that things aren’t going the way we want them to on the surface. This can fire up all of our deepest fears and insecurities that makes us want to clutch at the first thing that looks like something we want.

You can tune in to the emotional undercurrents of whatever flies around as a conscious thought. Have you ever caught yourself thinking along the lines of, ‘I’m so fed up of being alone. Right now, I’d date anyone if it meant I didn’t have to spend another Saturday night watching television!’ or, ‘I’m so desperate – any job would do!’
So what do you do if you feel like that? You really have to work your attitude of gratitude, trust that what is for you cannot pass you by and know that actually everything is more than okay even if there are a few details in your life that aren’t yet the way you want them to be.

The funny thing about life is that there is always someone somewhere longing for what you might not be appreciating. When a friend of mine was made redundant from her job in advertising, gave away everything she owned and decided to take off around the world with nothing but a bag of clothes, she was struck by the number of people who caught her in the corridor at work in her last days who said, ‘I envy you! I’d love to do that, but I can’t.’ If you’re single and live alone, you have endless potential to follow your bliss in a way that someone else who can’t even take a bath without someone pounding on the door and saying, ‘Where are my swimming trunks?’ can only dream about.

When you fall in love with the life that you have and start from there, you become much more powerful than when you are desperately trying to fill a gap that actually only exists in your perception rather than in any reality, quantum or otherwise! And as like attracts like, what you want will arrive much faster.

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